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Mr. Schmitt (editor’s note: his letter was published April 8) took shots at me instead of addressing the issues or offering solutions to problems. Being well-informed is not “uncovering conspiracies.” I just don’t accept what I’m told by one unfair and unbalanced network. I do watch Fox some…

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I live near the Fort Buford Road. I believe the county at one time owned this road but in fact did abandon it. I was told since it was abandoned that I could fence my property out to the middle of the road. This information came from a onetime county employee. Not very sure how accurate they were.

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Laramie residents — and anyone else, for that matter — had the opportunity Wednesday to watch the Laramie City Council interview five applicants for the open council seat in Ward 1.

  • By Dan Hayward
    Contributing photography columnist
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Hi, and welcome to my “HighLight & Shadow” photo column.