The Wyoming Senate today is upping this administration’s attack on women by going after abortion providers. Senate File 97, with no viability guidelines, is an open-ended, no win threat to frighten doctors from performing a legal procedure. SF 97 originally read, “The commonly accepted means of care that would be rendered to any other infant born alive shall be employed in the treatment of any viable infant aborted alive with any chance of survival.” (, but “…with any chance of survival” has been deleted, meaning doctor can and will be prosecuted for... whatever.

These doctors are saving lives, and risking their own lives to do so.

Here are some ways the Wyoming Senate can really help babies:

1,625 youth in Wyoming are homeless, 242 “unaccompanied”—children on the streets alone, vulnerable. House them.

1 in six youth are hungry all the time. Feed them.

Youth suicide in Wyoming is up 40% and highest in the nation. Save them.

7.1% of youth in Wyoming are uninsured. Help them.

There are 488 reported cases of child abuse in Wyoming—how many unreported? Protect them.

And if they really want to end abortion, budget for research for better, free birth control.

Make the need for abortion disappear, not the choice!

Because once that “alive” fetus is kept alive at any cost, in a forced birth the woman and child pay, and it can be a very high cost indeed. But politicians care only about keeping women down. Once they’ve done their damage, the woman and baby are not their concern, but then, they never were. Their concern is about control of women, period. And a woman with no choice regarding her own body is not free.

If you still believe politicians care about babies, take another look at those statistics. And then tell Wyoming to end its celebration of 150 Years of Women’s Suffrage, because it’s not honoring women, it’s not helping women, and there is nothing to celebrate.

Sandra Werner


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