What a dark day in Wyoming when the Wyoming RNC wants to keep its meetings top secret. The RNC now is controlled by right-wingers who tolerate only their own ideas. They want to somehow discipline Wyoming RNC members or elected people who do not agree with their platforms or planks. Platforms and Planks are decided behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms. The general public is mostly unaware of what they are. Most members would be lucky to remember two or three platforms or planks. I have no idea what legal authority gives them any right to investigate or discipline anyone.

I believe one problem is Wyoming is essentially a one-party state with no loyal opposition to stop anything they do. The Laramie and Natrona County committees have decided to withhold dues to the Wyoming RNC. The purpose of the Wyoming RNC and county republican committees, in my opinion, is to introduce republican candidates to the public for their consideration.

Elected candidates I believe are beholden to the state of Wyoming and their constituents. I know elected candidates swear an oath to uphold the Wyoming and United States Constitution, not an oath to any platform or plank. I don’t think voters want elected candidates beholden to platforms and planks they don’t know about.

There was even talk to replace the governor’s primary away and replace it with a Wyoming presidential-type primary. Apparently, the voter is too stupid to pick a correct candidate. Heaving forbid a democrat should change party affiliation and vote for a governor in the primary.

So, RNC, what are you going to do??

Below is the definition of plank and platform:

PLANK is the term often given to the components of the political platforms in the opinions and viewpoints about individual topics, as held by a party, person or organization.

PLATFORM is the formal set of principal goals, which are supported by a political party or individual candidate in order to appeal to the general public for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public’s support and votes about complicated topics or issues.

Janice Wantulok


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In all due respect, please become informed on processes and procedures before commenting like this. The GOP bylaws are available at the Wyoming GOP website. As to the primary initiative, while no one wants to get rid of the primary (any such effort has been soundly defeated that would ensure Trump was theonly possible candidate) isit wrong to look at alternatives? The Dems ate even proposing new ideas on the primary system.


As to platforms, what point is a party if they do not hold ideals and then expect those bearing their name to follow them?

There is indeed another party here. Use them or form a 3rd party but even those exist.


The democrat party did their purity tests and purges decades ago.

How many pro life democrats will be running for office next year?

How many pro 2d amendment and property rights democrats will be running for office next year?

The democrats are a hive mentality with no dissent allowed..

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