Dear Sir,

I attended the Jubilee Days Rodeo last year and very much enjoyed it. But one thing upset me. The Rodeo opened with a patriotic poem about the flag. I am a patriot and I fly the American Flag in front of my house every day. The poem was fine until they got to the Civil War where the only two people mentioned were Robert E. Lee, who betrayed the oath he took at West Point to defend the Constitution and the government of the United States of America by leading the forces which tried to destroy the union, and Beauregard who fired the first shot at Fort Sumter to start the Civil War. No mention of Ulysses S. Grant, who saved the Union and the flag by defeating Lee and later established Wyoming territory while President or Phil Sheridan who saved Yellowstone National Park by sending a cavalry regiment to protect it when Congress refused to appropriate money for that purpose. I trust this travesty will NOT be repeated this year.


Dan E. Turnquist


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Hopefully this year the rodeo will conform to Turnquist's version of history.

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