Watson responds to Roddick letter

So, Dean Roddick, UW professor of chemistry, has decided that it is his turn to show his ignorance of the facts surrounding the AGW issue. First, he is mistaken when he claims that respondents to my repeated requests that they provide empirical evidence supporting the AGW hypothesis have done so; in fact, not one has ever done so because they can’t – it doesn’t exist! And, of course, Roddick doesn’t provide any evidence either. The proof that the Greenhouse Effect (GHE) violates the second law of thermodynamics takes a book – and there is one available on Amazon titled “Slaying the Sky Dragon “ Roddick’s mention of entropy reminds me of some advice Von Neumann gave to Shannon; “.…no one knows what entropy is, so if you are in a debate use this concept, you will always have an advantage.” I suggest that Dean Roddick, UW professor of chemistry, stick to PFAPS and leave the meteorology to such as Richard Lindzen and Bill Happer.

Eugene (Gene) Watson, Centennial

Fletcher best choice for county treasurer

After reading the LWV General Election Guide, I’d like to make an unsolicited endorsement of Tracy Fletcher for County Treasurer. Fletcher has 15 years’ experience in the Treasurer’s office and will hit the ground running. Her opponent is a johnny-come-lately, only running because he received 25+ write-in votes. If he felt strongly changes were needed in the Treasurer’s office, he’d have run from the beginning instead of cashing in on a post-primary opportunity. Fletcher will have a very small, if any, learning curve, extensive knowledge of the procedures and regulatory/legal requirements and relationships with other departments and the commissioners; her opponent will be the new-kid-on-the-block and will have what employers consider the norm - a one-year learning curve. In a 4-year term, do we want to have someone finding his way, making changes for change-sake, trying to develop relationships Fletcher already has, for one-fourth of that term? Fletcher knows her coworkers’ skills and strengths and has working relationships; he doesn’t. Fletcher is in a position to already know what genuinely needs to be changed because she’s been working in the trenches, what new efforts can increase revenue collections, how to better use technology to provide the public with information and ease of transactions.

I’ve always had positive customer experiences with the Treasurer’s office and with Fletcher in particular. I’m not sure what “meaningful service” means to her opponent; if it means that I get what I need when I need it - and I do - that’s all the service I need. I don’t need to know if everyone is happy! Nor is the Treasurer’s office where we go to learn how the county uses its revenues or to “discuss financial questions”; we go to the commissioners.

Fletcher is experienced, dedicated, focused and being Treasurer is Fletcher’s career goal. Her opponent has worked hard establishing himself as a lawyer - his goal. If elected, is he giving up his law practice or keeping it to fall back on? Is he running only because there was no opponent from the other party? Ask yourself and then vote for Fletcher.

RoseMarie Aridas, Laramie

Non-discrimination bill needs to include political affiliation

In the future, various drafts of a non-discrimination bill will again be considered by our state Legislature. The versions that have been discussed in the past all fail to include what has become one of the most serious and prominent issues of our time. The protected categories in the draft bills are many. However, to make the list of protected categories more complete, the protection of persons or institutions “without regard to their political affiliation” needs to be added. Overt harassment, sending bombs to politicians or vandalizing political party offices would thus be considered hate crimes, in the same manner as if these types of acts were committed against a particular protected group or religious institution in the list of groups in a non-discrimination law. Also, employment or workplace discrimination based on political affiliations would become illegal. Wyoming can become a leader in sending a clear message that political differences must be handled in a civil manner, rather than with the more frequent opprobrium, vitriol, and violence that are unfortunately becoming the norm in our culture. The Laramie City Council should consider modifying the current city statute to include the new protected category as well.

John Schabron, Laramie

Throne is right choice for governor

Mary Throne is the only choice for Wyoming governor if you want to see Wyoming move out of the boom and bust cycle to a future of economic and educationally stability. Mary’s extensive legislative experience and her ability to grapple with complex, interconnected issues have helped her layout her plans to put Wyoming on firmer ground.

Mary understands that we must fully fund education so that our children can become excellent problem solvers and productive citizens. She knows from her own sons that children cannot wait for committees to keep kicking the issues of how to fund education down the road. They need well paid teachers and quality curricula now. Mary knows that our kids need to find fulfilling jobs here, but that cannot be achieved without economic diversity.

One of the keys to economic diversity, in addition to a well educated work force, is to fix the health insurance system so that families and businesses can afford healthcare in our state. Mary advocates for Medicare expansion that would give 20,000 Wyomingites access to affordable healthcare. She also feels that there are other health insurance solutions that would enable families and businesses to stay in the state. Mary knows we will have to attract new businesses including those that use our energy products like coal and natural gas. Seeking out these new businesses will have to be a deliberate effort, but Mary is determined to get it done.

I urge you to read Mary’s platform on her website and to join me in voting for this courageous and farsighted woman for governor of Wyoming.

Denise Greller, Laramie

Fletcher experience, professionalism makes her best candidate

I am writing in support of Tracy Fletcher as count treasurer. Tracy has the experience (15 years) and an accounting degree. I strongly believe that an accounting degree is a must in this job. I have worked with Tracy and found her professionalism and knowledge to be very strong. She will serve this office with dedication and distinction.

Mark Mader, Laramie

GOP attempt to define sex shameful

The New York Times got a hold of a memo that read the Department of Health and Human Services seeks to legally define sex as biological under Title IX, which prevents gender-based discrimination, claiming that the government needs to define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” Furthermore, the memo reads, ““Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth,” and, “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

I would like to tell this most hateful, moronic and terrified-of-anyone-not-like-them administration (including our Wyoming GOP) go right ahead. Try it. These continued attacks by pseudo-Christian, white male and females will not be tolerated and will never stop people from living their lives FREELY in America. You will be met. You’ll be met by people with brains and people with heart and people with courage, never doubt this.

There are 1.4 million Trans people in this country, and you can’t tell by looking at me if I’m one of that number. But! I will be in the crowds of Trans, LGBTQ, Hispanic immigrants whose children have been kidnapped and lost, women who have had abortions and women who haven’t, Native Americans whose lands have been stolen and trashed AGAIN, African American families of police-murdered boys, teachers and scientists and a whole, whole lot more of us, when we all stand together, look you in the eyes if you’re brave enough to let us see them, and tell you in no uncertain terms, No More.

SHAME ON YOU TRUMP. Shame on you, John Barrasso, Liz Cheney and Mike Enzi and all you other “Nationalists” standing by him.

I’ve never been more horrified and disgusted to be an American in my life.

Sandra Werner, Laramie

Editorial cartoon in poor taste

To the Editor,

Editorial cartoons have traditionally been extreme to visually capture the attention of the reader and the Boomerang does a pretty good job of providing both sides of the current political debate. I can usually take a deep breath and then move on when I read something I disagree with, believing everyone’s opinion is valuable.

However, I cannot see any value in the one published Oct.25 depicting our two dominant political party’s responses to the migrant caravan now traveling north through Mexico. Whoever decided that Democrats are eager for these migrants to arrive here only to become part of their voter base is just adding to the division among us with this false narrative.

These are suffering human families, fleeing intolerable and dangerous situations in Central America, with little or no options, facing an unknown future. They are homeless, sleeping on the ground, probably hungry and frightened. They need our compassion, sympathy and understanding, the American values I grew up with. Using the plight of these people as a political tool is shameful.

The leaders of the U.S. and Mexico should be working together RIGHT NOW to find creative solutions and humanitarian support for these migrants. But we have no leader, only an ego driven self-centered celebrity who continues to promote fear of the ‘other’. Our president has no grasp of American history, American policy, geography or humanity. That is what we should be afraid of.

I’m voting today. I’m voting for Democrats to try to regain some balance of power in Washington DC and beyond. I hope you will join me. It’s our best hope of finding the human heart of America again.

Lee Peerce, Laramie

Grimes has right ideas for HD 46

In the season of political campaigns, it can be hard to read between the mailers and yard signs to identify the candidate that most represents the issues that are important to you and your family. This is especially true when campaign information seems to be in conflict with a politician’s history and experience. A card arrived in my mailbox yesterday from Bill Haley, up for re-election for House District 46 in the Wyoming State Legislature. In it, he claimed to support providing “adequate but efficient” funding for education—but when we look at his voting record, we see that he voted for House Bill 236 authorizing deep cuts to the education budget. Continued cuts like this would close rural schools like the Harmony School and continue to diminish critical programs in special education, vocational education programs, and the arts. Continuing to fund education in the state is critical to keeping young families in the state and attracting new industries to Wyoming and to Albany County.

The mailer also claimed that Bill Haley is interested in addressing the suicide crisis in the state and improving access to mental health care. This seems a direct effort to compete with his opponent, Jackie Grimes, who is in fact a school psychologist in the Albany County School District who works to reach the most vulnerable students in the school system before crisis hits—and she volunteers on the Suicide Prevention Task Force in Albany County, actively seeking the opportunity to contribute her expertise to address problems facing our community. We need a representative in Cheyenne who will identify and advocate for diversified streams of education funding and who has a thorough understanding of the mental health system and access issues in our county. Jackie Grimes is the right choice for HD 46.

Emily Siegel, Laramie

Trump supporters fall for ‘demonization’ tactics

I could go into the neurology and experimentation about this. Trump was elected because he demonized Clinton like she is a cartoon. He also demonized all sorts of things (like liberals) as if they are cartoons. Basically this is like demonizing boogie men that don’t exist. We do not live in a cartoon world. We live in a far more interesting world than that. But boogie men DO exist in the human imagination. And the imagination can be just as real as what one perceives. A child can be terrified if he thinks a boogie man is in his bedroom for instance. The imagination is more powerful than reality. The boogie man is REALLY there for him. Republicans demonize and that is how they create imaginary boogie men stereotype cartoons in so many American minds, especially the unsophisticated ones or people who lack experience. Basically the guy who set the GOP place on fire, was setting a cartoon on fire. The bomber against Trump’s opposition was doing the same. Trumps demonizing creates cartoon demons in his followers’ unsophisticated minds. It is not that they are uneducated or stupid. I have Trumpista friends (some close one). The problem with them is that they are fools for mental cartoons.

John Hanks, Laramie

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