Michael Shannon’s piece on Mike Pence being a “paragon workplace ethics and respect for women,” is troubling.

Shannon claimed to have visited websites for the National Organization for Women, Emily’s List, The Feminist Majority, and Jezebel and said he found “zero recognition for this pioneer in establishing workplace boundaries.” Had Mr. Shannon done more than just a cursory search he would have found:

Lenora Lapidus, Director of Women’s Rights Project for the ACLU said that Pence “has spent his career in politics working against women … taking position after position that is anti-women and harmful to women.” She elsewhere noted that Pence voted three times against legislation to “mandate equal pay for women, including the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Law in 2007.”

Staphanie Schriock of Emily’s List noted that Pence has a record of supporting policies dangerous to women, families, and the economy. Pence has worked to deny healthcare coverage and Medicare to millions of Americans, most of whom are women.

Betty Cochran of Planned Parenthood said Pence pushed for legislation that represented a “blatant, unwelcome intrusion into private independent decision making.” Pence co-sponsored a bill with Todd Akins to redefine rape as “forcible rape” and to deny abortions to rape victims.

Pence argued against women serving in the military.

Rather than addressing the issues raised by the UCLA profesor, Shannon presented the quote without its further explanation, characterizing the professor, and all gender studies professors as “angry,” for which I could see no evidence, Except that Dr. Elsesser is a woman.

Mr. Shannon missed the fact that Pence’s rules 1) are designed to protect men from women, by taking physical measures to restrain their own impulses (apparently didn’t read or comprehend all of Vox article), 2) reflect the idea that men do not actually respect women as sentient members of the same species, which would protect men and women, and 3) ignored same-sex predation issues. He also did not report actually talking to any women about this.

Carol Smith


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