“They want to take your pickup truck … rebuild your home … take away your hamburgers.”--Sebastian Gorka at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“Conservatives” need to stop alleging they know what “They” want,” making false claims, and fear-mongering. These don’t solve the problems of our nation. Try facts and actually listening to the majority of Americans.

The once-Republican Party engaged in voter suppression, misinformation, tampering with absentee votes, etc. while “They” still believe in democracy, in elected officials as public servants, not despotic masters. “They” won’t take anything away without due process and the rule of law. “They" believe in separation of powers, checks and balances, and oversight.

“They” just want you to use facts and logic and to do what is best to solve problems for all Americans. Climate and the magnetic pole are changing. More food plants than beef can be raised on the same acreage (also, cows are an non-native species that has destroyed most of our native grasses). Fossil fuels pollute, threatening our environment, food supply, and health.

Russians continue their cyberwarfare to alter elections and sow discord. Trump and Rozov signed a letter of intent. Junior, Veselnitskaya and others discussed getting dirt on Secretary Clinton. Flynn did work as an agent for Russian and Turkey. Mueller has charged a number of Russian individuals and companies. Butina infiltrated the NRA, which may have funneled Russian money into elections. How about Kilimnik and Deripaska? That’s a lot more than “none” in terms of Russian ties to the Trump campaign, administration, and businesses.

Conservatives need to stop their hysteria and propaganda, which largely aims to keep a select few rich people in power rather than to protect the Constitution and democracy. They need to start taking about facts and policies. They need to engage in meaningful discussions, debates, and compromises. And more importantly, they need to start listening to “Them,” the majority of Americans, and to real Republicans. “They” are not the enemy—Putin is. And those who assist Trump in undermining our democratic foundations are either actively undermining our nation or dangerously misguided.

Carol Smith, Laramie

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Do you feel better now Carol after your incoherent rant?


Hey Carol, I think Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is hiring

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