Let’s all vote, soonLet us all vote — soon, preferably. For what it’s worth, as of Sept. 18, it is my understanding that absentee ballots will be mailed here in Laramie — and as of that same date, early voting is being provided here.

If all else fails, we can vote at “normal” polls on Nov. 3, too, but let us all get out and vote. Early voting is provided in an office on the east side of the Albany County Courthouse at Fifth Street and Grand Avenue, and drop off boxes for filled in ballots — be they from early voting or absentee ballots — are available at the same location. Also, absentee ballots can be returned by mail, if one chooses. Of course, if you have not registered yet, you can do so at the courthouse, too.

It is particularly irking to me that some states are intentionally trying to limit voting — for their own political motives — by making it harder to vote when they should be making it easier to vote.

At least, Wyoming does not seem to be one of those states intent on making voting more difficult. But we need to take advantage of our ease for voting — and vote. Let’s do it! OK? Thanks!

Francis William Bessler


Sherwood for HD 14I recommend Trey Sherwood for all of you voting in House District 14, and here is why.

For the past 10 years Sherwood has served as the executive director of the nonprofit, Laramie Main Street program. During this same time, I served as a volunteer in different capacities on teams, boards and committees with Main Street.

What motivates me to keep volunteering is “we get things done.” I credit this to Sherwood with her “Servant Leadership” style, her positive energy and passion for success. She brings a pride and strength to Downtown Laramie and comes to work every day thinking how she can help make our downtown a better place for everyone.

During the past 10 years, a total of several million dollars have been invested within downtown Laramie. Most of these funds were raised through Sherwood’s fundraising leadership, successful acquisition of grants; and fostering, within property owners and developers, a strong pride and confidence in Laramie’s future.

Sherwood always understands the big picture and reality, but never fails to consider the individual needs of people and their businesses. She is an artist at doing the right thing from all perspectives — a great mixture of intellect, toughness, kindness and consideration with a very witty sense of humor.

I have observed her working successfully with a variety of businesses owners, university leaders, other nonprofit leaders, elected and appointed officials from different levels of government and many volunteers with all kinds of interests.

I can visualize Sherwood working the same way within the Wyoming House of Representatives. Every day she will come to work thinking how can we make it better for Wyoming — positive energy searching for the best solutions, passion for success, good listener, respectful and considerate treatment of others and always helping get things done — the right things, the right way. She will make you proud!

Jerry Schmidt


Response to ‘Not happy with Trump’ Parts 1 and 2 (Sept. 13)Voter intimidation … Hello? President Donald Trump, and most Republicans, support veterans and active duty military personnel. It’s the Democrats that defund the military and Veteran Affairs hospitals.

Trump additionally brought veteran medical vouchers — after 30 years of inaction — allowing veterans to see private, quality physicians of their choice. They are not to be forced to see who are often disincentivized, difficult to fire, VA government physicians — a situation I personally witnessed at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital (Hines, Illinois).

Please cease and desist attempts at voter intimidation and support real liberty with Trump.

Dr. Mark Carducci


Support for Ben-DavidI recently had the opportunity to listen to a talk by U.S. Senate candidate Merav Ben-David, a climate scientist at the University of Wyoming.

She is extremely knowledgeable about Wyoming’s natural environment, which is the basis of two of its most important industries, energy and tourism, and has interesting ideas about how to manage these precious resources.

She points out that world markets control the fate of the coal, oil and gas industries; not politicians, and that lately those markets have not been kind. I learned that, besides plenty of obvious wind, solar and geothermal capabilities, Wyoming has large deposits of thorium, which is a subject of research into a new generation of nuclear projects.

Most of us understand that climate change is happening, and we are seeing its effects really start to kick in all around us. I believe we could use an expert on the subject in the Senate, just as we have physician-senators like Dr. John Barrasso to provide medical expertise. I would urge Wyomingites to listen to and carefully consider Dr. Ben-David’s proposals for our state’s future. She will have my vote in November.

John Wright


We have lost our civilityMy wife and I were traveling back from visiting a sick relative in Alabama. While passing through Nebraska we stopped for food. A diminutive older woman walked up to the counter; they had messed up her order at the drive thru.

There was no sign requiring masks, but still a young, tall youth started harassing the woman because she was not wearing a mask. He taunted the poor woman and informed her that she was acting like a stupid 2-year-old. He then turned to me for support assuming that my mask indicated that I was in agreement with him — he was wrong.

Our youth have been persuaded by anarchists to disrupt our lives and the elderly and police seem to be fair game. I watched CNN and the host did not believe that there were any violent riots happening in our cities and then disrespected her guest for bringing it up!

The press is ignoring what is happening to our lives. I log on to the internet and my browser assaults me with articles that all have a left bias. Our youth of today seem to absorb what they see on TV and social media as the truth without question. As we age, we discover that authorities and TV news celebrities lie to us and we learned to question. Our youth need to calm down and listen to their elders.

Correspondence between opposing generals during the Civil War was respectful, elegant, and polite! We have lost our civility, why?

Derek Mancinho


PerhapsThis lost year may be a kind of meditation upon our aspirations for humanity.

Perhaps choosing extreme sides, because we begin to lose sight of the sane middle, is a sign we are led astray.

Perhaps prideful certainty is the hardest thing for most people to set aside in an uncertain universe.

Perhaps privilege becomes more and more invisible to the privileged.

Perhaps long-set habits change only through adversity, something the privileged must provide for themselves.

Perhaps we are all more privileged than we imagine.

Perhaps we really are all in this together.

Perhaps kindness and the courage of acceptance are better choices than selfishness and all the varieties of walls in our lives.

Perhaps all freedom is limited to that freedom lived by the least free individuals we suffer to be among us.

Perhaps great wealth and wisdom are very separate things.

Perhaps a livable planet for everyone is ultimately the real definition of human wealth.

Perhaps we should vote for civility right now, while it is still an option, and because so many fearful people obscenely fear allowing us a voice.

Perhaps, as Baruch Spinoza counseled, all fine things are as difficult as they are rare.

Michael Basinger


Questioning Dr. HarristIn a Sept. 11, Laramie Boomerang article titled “State Public Health Officer defends masks schools, death statistics,” Dr. Alexia Harrist indicated that research showed “What we know is that the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people, and that face coverings are effective in helping to prevent transmission from those infected people to others.”

Dr. Harrist did not specify what research she was citing, but in her position as public health officer she should have been aware of the research which showed that 90% of the people diagnosed with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 (via the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR) are not carrying enough of that virus to infect anyone else. Refer to: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8679307/Experts-say-USs-coronavirus-positivity-rate-high-tests-sensitive.html.

Also, the New York Times published this study.

In addition, Dr. Harrist should have been aware of the research that indicates face coverings don’t work, specifically from the CDC “Emerging Infectious Diseases”, Vol. 26, No. 5, May 2020; New England Journal of Medicine, May 21 “Universal Masking in Hospitals in the Covid-19 Era”; and The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, June 1, “Mask Facts”.

Lastly Dr. Harrist stated that, “Do I think it would’ve been more deaths (without the orders)? Yes, of course I do.” Yet even the CDC now indicates that only 6% of the COVID attributed deaths are caused by the virus.

In conclusion, Dr. Harrist is being deceptive with us by claiming research backs up her actions without citing any of the specific research she is referring to. Dr. Harrist cannot be trusted anymore as a public health officer. What Dr. Harrist is doing to Wyoming’s school children is more akin to witchcraft than sound medical practice.

Dr. Harrist should be removed from her position as state health officer due to malfeasance and the legislature should move quickly on her removal.

Richard Hubbard


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