Dear Editor,

I sent this letter to the Wyoming Legislature’s Revenue Committee. It is not long, but longer than they may the patience for and I think this message should reach them. I hope you will print it.

Hello, I hope you are enjoying a good Fourth of July. My name is Mike Selmer and I live in Laramie. Despite the fact that I have little connection to coal field workers, I thought about them today and wondered how they were enjoying the holiday.

I’m sure you realize that many people are going to blame you and the state of Wyoming for the many years you have ignored the market, ignored the science of climate change and struggled to prop up the coal industry.

It may have been hard, but you could have prepared those workers for a softer landing and also showed your wisdom in addressing the climate crisis.

You still have the chance to make a difference in their lives, but it doesn’t need to be only unemployment checks and handouts. Stop letting the fossil fuel industry make the decisions in this state. YOU do it. Ween us off. Stop being frightened of the word “taxes.”

The first step is approving the National Retail Fairness Act. This won’t be taxing me, but there are are other taxes, ones that I and a large majority of Republicans and Democrats support and are willing to pay that you should consider. One is the lodging tax.

Please be honest with the voters of Wyoming and put us on a path that will some day rid of us this boom and bust cycle. Because the cycle is now permanently stuck on bust.

Mike Selmer


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