Dear Editor,

In "Gov. Gordon optimistic about coal's future," Gov. Mark Gordon suggests a "bright future ahead" for our state's coal industry. Where is the research that suggests coal will "be a part of the climate solution" as Gov. Gordon stated? I challenge him (or anyone) to produce it.

UW's Carbon Management Institute has been working hard to find a miracle to save Wyoming's coal industry. They have not yet done so and I challenge those dedicated folks to provide a timeline for producing this miracle. Of the research on their website, this is the most pertinent information I could find in regards to carbon sequestration: "Calculations suggest that the sealing capacity of a CO2-water-rock system is significantly lower than previously predicted."

Meanwhile, thousands of studies, actual data, and the evidence of our own eyes shows that the climate crisis is real, it is worsening and we are failing future generations by betting their lives on a pipe dream, or by holding onto the past. Wind and solar should be Wyoming's future; if we cling to coal, we won't have one.

I am thankful that Gov. Gordon acknowledged that we have a problem in this climate crisis. Why else would we need climate solutions?

The good news is that those solutions are available. We just need leaders brave enough to take them.

Mike Selmer


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The governor is just trying to save the industry and jobs in Wyoming. Calls to eliminate fossil fuels will also eliminate natural gas. I am sorry but solar and wind are not contributing as much power as we have wished it would due to their intermittent power supply and transmission losses. To close our coal plants (which run very clean) would leave us in the dark. We need to keep the lights on so we can find solutions. In closing natural gas only emits less CO2 than coal and what about a NASA report claiming increased CO2 has had a greening on the planet. We need to relook at this.


Long after the U.S. is all fracked out, coal will still be king.

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