Dear Editor,

It is necessary and important to continually watch for the scare-mongering and outright lies that the fossil fuel industry helps to spread about the Green New Deal. They deceive what I trust are otherwise intelligent and goodhearted people.

In his letter on Sunday, April 7, Mr. Mancinho, parroted the worst of the deceptions, saying the Green New Deal (GND) would "change our Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State where the government (not the people) would be in control of the means of production."

This is not true. Privately-owned companies would produce the wind turbines and solar panels; they'd produce the electric cars we'll gradually and voluntarily transition to. Private enterprise would not only survive, but thrive under the GND, especially locally-owned business. We'll still fly and enjoy hamburgers, but hopefully not as much.

There are lots of details to be worked out in the Green New Deal. The impact on our society will be similar to the original New Deal. The Constitution survived the vast and critical changes that were needed then. It will survive again as the Green New Deal moves us toward the changes necessary to save future generations from enormous suffering.

We could have made these changes decades ago, but for our hubris and greed. We could still; if only the fossil fuel industry would participate in saving our planet from the climate crisis instead of spending money buying politicians and deceiving the public.

Mike Selmer, Laramie

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Check of Reality

Seems like a lot of unproven idealism and assumptions versus what drives our economy, jobs, revenues, tax payments, and quality of life most people desire. Maybe the author should start by stopping their use of all "extraction industry" products and benefits. The dash board does have a reason to consider when going back, and what it protects against.

Darcy Gardiner

Very well said!!!!


A lovely word salad of a letter chock full of platitudes, rosy futures but also false premises and assumptions. The operative word in the entire letter is voluntarily. Voluntarily means no government action in the form of new laws, tax subsidies or credits. By far the biggest (but not only) false premise is that the Green New Deal is Green. There is nothing Green about the strip mining of the earth's crust for the Nickel, Lithium and Cobalt required in the manufacture of EVs not to mention all the rare minerals necessary for future battery technology. Of course none of these minerals are found in abundance on U.S. soil so the GND will require more resource wars of which our government is good at. That is, good at starting but not good at winning or finishing.


AOC and others within the DNC have been claiming that we will all die in 12 years unless we institute the is this not "fear mongering"? Also if this is such a dire situation then why did ALL of the Democrats in the Senate vote "present" and allowed the GND to die in the Senate? Just looks like fear mongering and politics to me.


So its more like 1930'sGermany than the USSR where private industry exists but must do what the government says?

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