As members of the Republican State Central Committee representing Albany County, we are responding to the article recently posted in the Daily Boomerang regarding a State Central Committee meeting in Lusk, Wyoming on November 16, 2019. Unfortunately, what you are seeing is an internal dispute among members of a private organization. Clearly, everyone involved has freedom of speech, as evidenced by the simple fact that a small faction went to the press to air their grievances. This is not an issue of free speech –which for those of you who understand the constitution, recognize that applies only to the government: it is a question of whether a private organization, the Wyoming Republican Party, has the right to establish rules, enforce those rules, and expect that its voluntary members abide by them. The article contained numerous inaccuracies and misrepresentations of what occurred at the SCC meeting. We have no interest in engaging in a public battle with members from other counties, to question their personal motives or interests, or limit their Constitutional rights in any way. We simply seek to comply with and carry out our duties to further the interests of the Wyoming Republican Party as set forth in our Bylaws and Platform.

Mike Pearce


Rachel Rubino

State Committee Woman

Rafael Delgadillo

State Committeeman

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