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Support for TrumpA friend recently wrote me about his support of President Donald Trump.

Trump is far from ideal, but I do not judge him by what he says. I judge him by what he does. His record is one of “promises made, promises kept.”

His reduction of red tape and regulations that strangle business growth was effective until COVID-19 hit. By the way according to the Small Business Administration, small businesses create 2/3 of net new jobs and account for 44% of U.S. economic activity. He said he’d move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and he did. He at least met with the North Korean dictator rather than continue President Barack Obama’s ineffective policy of “strategic patience.” He has caused the world to rethink taking advantage of the U.S. in trade deals.

He said his objection to a Joe Biden administration is that the former vice president probably will not call the shots. The so-called progressives will force a leftist agenda on him. Kamala Harris’ record as an attorney general and her documented far left views during her run at the presidential nomination make her a frightening potential president.

Have rational, thinking voters reviewed the Democratic Party’s platform and Biden’s proposals on taxes, energy, healthcare and, worst of all, the “Green New Deal?” I hope they have. My friend said he’ll vote for Trump, and so will I.

Marshall Graham


Support for DeemEducation in Wyoming is in trouble.

This year and the war on coal have devastated our bank accounts from the state house to the school room. COVID-19 has isolated our youth and denied them the opportunity to interact with their peers, a skill set that once lost will make being an adult difficult at best and dangerous at worst.

We need new leadership on our school board to guide the system thru some major changes. Denise Deem is exactly what Albany County needs. She understands that our system has been heavily slanted to the testing needed to get into college.

However just as K-12 has changed, so has the future of college. What we need is a leader with a sound financial back ground who is committed to the education of our youth. Deem is that leader.

Albany County School District No. 1 needs more emphasis on the life skills needed to make productive citizens of our youth. For those who do not look at college in their future deserve as much support from the system as those who do.

We also need a leader that understands ACSD No. 1 is the taxing authority that is closest to the people. That power needs to be used carefully, and in the era of budget shortfalls the board needs to spend the public treasure with care or they will lose the public trust.

Deem will never lose sight of the principals required to serve the children of Albany County. I heartily endorse her and ask that you vote for the future.

Tom Mattimore


The Arnold HouseI loved Judy Knight’s article (Oct. 4) on the Cape Cod Cottage on 15th Street.

I learned a lot about that particular architecture. I have another photo of that house taken in the 1920’s I believe, as well as a photo of my dad, (1-year-old), uncle and his parents, Thurman and Frances Arnold in the house, circa 1923.

Cecil Nusbaum once told a story about having a Thanksgiving dinner in that house. As Thurman was bringing in the turkey he tripped and sent the turkey and platter sliding across the wooden floor.

Without missing a beat Frances said, “That’s alright Thurman, just take that one out and bring in the other turkey.”

Thurman scooped up the turkey, brought it back in the kitchen and cleaned it off, then brought it back out as the “other” turkey.

Another story I was told was that when they decided to build that house Thurman’s father, C.P. Arnold said “why build so far out of town?”

Joe Arnold


Support for StantonI am writing in support of Emily Siegel Stanton for Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees.

My connection with Stanton has been ongoing for the past five years. We have worked together both professionally through our respective fields and also as friends through the activities of our children. She is a committed parent, professional and trusted friend to many.

Emily has proven herself as a professional asset to our Laramie community by providing excellent mental health care to not only individual clients but also to the Laramie Fire Department through crisis counseling and response. She will undoubtedly carry her skill set onto the school board as an advocate of student and staff mental health. Her professional training gives her a unique perspective of the issues at hand and the obstacles the school board will face in the future.

As a committed parent, the success of our school district is in the best interest of her family and the families she cares for. Stanton is a stakeholder in the thoughtful decisions our school board makes as they directly affect not only her own family, but also the children of our community.

Stanton is well deserving of your vote. She will certainly bring a sound voice and wise decision making to the board as they navigate the coming months. She continues to serve our community in many capacities and will bring her thoughtful experience to our school board.

Brittany Thompson


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