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Saving billions of dollars

First, the U.S. Forest Service and volunteer firemen have never been able to control forest fires quickly. They use hand tools when there is much better equipment available such as heavy equipment, bobcats with grinding equipment on the front of them. They can do thousands of acres compared to using hand tools.

The National Guard has all this equipment at the facilities, but a law put in place in 1932 calls for all private resources to be used before they can be called in. Governors must call them, but very seldom do.

The Forest Service hears a fire might only be 30 acres, but before they can get to it, it grows to 300 to 3,000 acres overnight. The National Guard within hours can use planes and helicopters for immediate response. You could take the firemen and put them with the National Guard — no one loses their jobs, just work together to save thousands of homes that are burned each year. Around communities, preventative firelines could be cut, promoting more jobs.

Second, check the Dreamers school records, making sure they were in school in America. This would show that they were brought here as children. Are they in school, are they working? Or are they just milking the system, getting free benefits? If so, ship them back home. Also, anyone crossing the border, should not be allowed to go on our social security system just because of their age.

Third, billions could be saved if we would stop letting people steal social security numbers and people’s tax refunds. I heard they take IRS checks to cashing places, not showing identification. No bank would accept these checks without proper ID and an account. So how are they able to cash them?

Fourth, a law needs to be passed before the election about voting illegally. Make it a felony. I personally have seen illegals vote, and if caught just say, “oh, I didn’t know,” and nothing happens to them.

Fred Tindell


It’s not about you, but us

I’m beginning to lose it now. While on my errands, many people in stores had no masks on. In Safeway, five young, college age gentlemen in a group walked in with no masks.

When I reminded them nicely, I was spittled with profanities about “getting our of their faces!” This pandemic is not about you. The manager helped by announcing, “please wear masks in the store” on the loud speaker. They continued shopping, no masks. Wyoming has set no statewide mandate about masks.

Next stop, Post Office. Another seven people were not wearing masks. When I said, nicely, to the young lady next to me, “you have no mask on” (smile). She curtly responded, “nope!” This pandemic is not about you either. Coffee shop. All the young people there using computers, who were not eating or drinking, had no masks on. This pandemic is not about you either.

The pandemic is about all of us. You wear masks for us. For the people in your college, your community, the people in Colorado, the people in Nebraska and even in New Jersey.

My mother is slowly dying in New Jersey. I had a plane ticket for Oct. 5 and canceled because that state had just put Wyoming on their “quarantine” list. Yes, Wyoming, because our numbers are rising. That means that my mother’s facility would not let me in to see her. I would be allowed to see her only through a window. I could get mad at the state of New Jersey, But you know what? They are at least trying to do something.

So thanks to all of you who are trying to protect us. I read that the college will be opening football games soon. I’m thinking that I may never get to see my mother again. I’m asking all the non-mask wearers, please wear a mask. This is not about you, your rights, your ego, your looks … it’s about helping others, who may get very sick. It’s about helping me to see my mother again.

Sue Green


Support for Jones

We would like to ask the voters of Albany County to support the re-election of Terri Jones’s as your County Commissioner.

She has put in countless hours serving the people of Albany County by volunteering to be the commissioner on Corporations, Elections Political Subdivision Committee, several boards including Albany County Fair Board, Albany County Tourism Board, Weed and Pest Board, and the very important Airport Board.

Jones was one of the original proponents for the Pilot Hill Project because she realized its importance to the county, and today she is one of its board members. She is also the commission member of the Laramie Area Business Alliance. All these show the dedication and time commitment she has given to Albany County. She is very active in Albany County cattlewomen and has been the past chairwoman.

Jones can be seen in La Bonte Canyon in North Albany County looking at the road and bridge needs, south on the Boswell Road looking at easements, roads and land status and everywhere in between. She is the “roving commissioner.”

Since her election four years ago, Jones has made the trip over to Cheyenne each of the four Legislative sessions to share the concerns and needs of our county with all legislators from Albany County. As Albany County legislators, we very much appreciated knowing which of the upcoming bills we were to vote on would benefit or could harm our county. She took the time to explain how the decisions were made. We also met with Jones prior to the Legislative session for a heads up on issues important to Albany County in the upcoming session.

The commitment to Albany County that Jones exhibits daily is unequaled and would be hard to duplicate. She works tirelessly for our county and deserves your vote. Terri has earned your vote and has worked hard for four years. We need a dedicated commissioner like Jones for another four years.

Glenn Moniz

Wyoming Senate District 10

Bill Haley

Wyoming House of Representatives

Response to Dee Bott letter

In her Oct. 7 letter to the Laramie Boomerang, Dee Bott asserts that Sue Ibarra, candidate for a seat on the Albany County Commission, “is an employee for Commissioner Pete (Gosar).” This assertion is inaccurate and filled with innuendo.

It is true that Ibarra has volunteered for 10 years at various places in Laramie as a translator. She has volunteered at the Downtown Clinic, Laramie Reproductive Health Clinic, Albany Community Health Clinic, Ivinson Memorial Hospital and Albany County Public Health. Volunteering for the benefit of individuals in our community should be applauded.

If we were all truthful and followed Ibarra’s example of helping others in our community, Albany County would be an even better place to live. Why not reach for the stars?

Sue Favret


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