The Albany County Planning and Zoning Commission urges you to make the potential threat posed by Interstate 80 Telephone Canyon to our drinking water a priority. The Albany County Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (CAPP) has identified the I-80 Telephone Canyon area as potential contaminant source rated as a high priority (pg. 64). This high-traffic interstate corridor sees a large amount of hazardous materials pass through each day making a potential hazardous spill plausible. In fact, spills have occurred in this area.

In 2011, Albany County completed the “Albany County Wyoming I-80 Telephone Canyon Casper Aquifer Protection Study” (I-80 Telephone Canyon Study). This study provided a number of options to further protect our groundwater from potential spills. While we recognize that the Wyoming Department of Transportation has implemented some of the recommendations, including variable speed limit signs and a different road surface that provides more traction, more must be done.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends consideration of the following items in the I-80 Telephone Canyon Study be considered:

n Installation of hazardous spill basins.

n Installation of rock lined channels with check dams.

n Installation of swirl concentrators with oil/water separators.

If there are other engineering controls that can be installed in this corridor that would protect the aquifer, we would ask that you look into these. It is very important that we do all that we can in this corridor to protect our precious water supply we depend on.


Shaun Moore

Albany County Planning and Zoning Commission chairman


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