Why is it that Laramie can’t attract any good paying jobs, chain restaurants and means to support the middle class that struggles every year? Answer can be found real easy when you attend a City Council meeting or watch what the certain few are attempting to do by shutting down something as simple as a small convenience store.

Tumbleweed has been a gas station before most of the people who are opposed to it even knew where Laramie was. If my memory serves me correct it was the Hudson station clear back in the 60s when Laramie had a gas station on every corner and encouraged small businesses to exist! Now a group is trying to have it shut down because they have nothing better to do!

I live in East Laramie, have a well for my drinking water. But the last thing I want to do is try to eliminate potential sales tax revenue and kill a small business. Gas stations can exist on top of aquifers and be safe. This store will be beneficial to all in this area, including all the new high school crowd. People in Laramie need to wake up and realize what makes Laramie survive. Chasing away small business should not be a Laramie value!!

Arvin Martinez


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Yes, you are right about the many gas stations "on" top of the Aquifer. But, how many actually have their fuel tanks sitting right "in" the Aquifer? What can't you people understand-you act like this will only affect a few people with wells east of Laramie. This Aquifer is very important to the entire city of Laramie and University of Wyoming. During a normal year it supplies 60% of Laramie's water, in a dry year it supplies 100% of Laramie's water. The University Of Wyoming gets 100% of their water out of the Aquifer year round, this is their only water supply. And another thing- this is not a small business. This is the AKAL Travel Center. How do you feel about an 18 -wheeler truck stop in your backyard 24/7? All the help they get is imported from India. They do not hire local people. Why don't you run down there and put your job application in. They will tell you shoo- shoo go away. Can some- one please go to to Laramie Live .com and read Terri Jones's interview from last Friday about hunting bear- but not with a .22 rifle. You want to match what's in your chamber, with what you're hunting. She said that," I grew up a hunter and I relate this to a hunt." So now she thinks we are in a hunting expedition? And, in the same interview she said that they (Bears) could of re-placed the fuel tanks for free, but, they chose not too. Where do you get 3 new- 10,000 gallon fuel tanks for free? Last Tuesday's commissioner's meeting Terri Jones said the County is done with this and if you want to hire your own Lawyer to sue them- go ahead we are all done with this. Oh by the way, when does bear hunting season open for Hunter Terri Jones and where does she go to get her licence?

Clear to me

There are 15 Superfund sites in Albany County Wyoming. The most dangerous being listed as the Baxter site which we all know is part of the Riverside Drive walking, jogging path. What men are probably not aware of is that the Union Pacific derailment site south of town is also an EPA Superfund Site. Very little was reported in the news about what actually spilled at that site. Albany County Government has no role and they oversight of the Tumbleweed gas station even though it sits upon our water supply. Oversight of gas stations emanates state and federal entities in Cheyenne. In other words no one is really watching on a regular basis. The only way in which Albany County gets involved as if someone complains. No one goes out to inspect properties as a matter of business.

Very little is known about the safety record of the company that purchased the Tumbleweed and is putting it back into service. They have another gas station in Albany County. Which no one is watching. It is west of town on I-80. When asked about the condition of that station, a county commissioner said it had never been inspected because no one had complained. What albeni County residents need to understand is that now on is watching no one is looking out after our interests when it comes to hazardous materials. It's only when there is a spill that is obvious , large or extreme that authorities get involved.

Here is a list of the Superfund sites that Albany County residents may want to start to ask about.

Laramie 2, WY Hazardous Waste Superfund in Albany County


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