Learning from COVID-19 I like to think of everything being beautiful, even if everything is not well.

That “not well” thing is only temporary — and I think it is good to keep that in mind as we trample through this current COVID-19 episode. Just think that for most of us, COVID-1 through COVID-18 did not amount to much. In fact, personally, I do not even know what they were. Sometime soon, there will be a COVID-20 — and then a COVID-21 and 22 and 23, etc. We are now stuck for awhile on COVID # 19, but we will get through it on our way to COVID # 20.

Of course, many of us will not survive COVID-19, but death does come to us all. I do believe it is good to keep that in mind. We will all go, be it via a COVID-19 or whatever. For one, I will try to keep that in mind as we struggle with COVID-19. That does not mean, however, that I will put my welfare ahead of communal health, so to speak. I am committed to pay attention to the rules of the health experts and refrain from communal gatherings until such time that this COVID-19 has passed. If we all do that, we can get through this crisis so much better than if we insist on “our way” — whatever that way is.

But we can learn from COVID-19 — and that’s good to keep in mind too. Because of how we deal with COVID-19, we can better prepare for other COVID viruses too. Let us hope the future will be better because we will have learned from a current ill that future similar ills can be avoided if we only pay attention to what we will have learned in the past.

Francis William Bessler


Mainstream media not reliable I apologize for my lack of evidence pertaining to my claims I made in my Letter to the Editor a few weeks ago. However readers must realize these letters are limited in scope and length.

My friend had traveled to D.C. with her daughter and granddaughter to attend the Second Amendment Sisters March which was scheduled after the Million Mom March. Lois was in her 60s and used a film camera to capture the photos of the corralled 500-1,000 members of the Million Mom March. She certainly did not have the ability to fake her photos or negatives. The TV news networks and the Baltimore Sun did however have the ability to fake their photos. Sadly the proof of this has passed with time and only exists as a conspiracy online.

CNN did use images of a child who died at Sandy Hook in a fake news article showing children who died in a reported Israeli rocket attack. I managed to watch the video and capture an image of the child from CNN’s web page before they yanked it down. A year after I posted the image on Facebook, I was threatened by Facebook because CNN claimed I used their copywrited image without permission. So although I still have this image I cannot publicly use it.

When Dan Rather slandered my Libertarian Party (LP) friends on national TV, as being KKK, I was the fifth call in to the LP. The national office of the LP later contacted CBS and the execs at CBS claimed there was nothing in their footage, however our signs were clearly legible! Can this be proven, no, but Dan Rather later resigned from CBS over a fake news article (Rathergate) and this is easily proven by web search.

In closing, I’m not a supporter of the Davidians but the massacre still haunts me. I had an old MSDS (safety sheet) on CS (riot agent) at the time and it clearly listed explosive concentrations, but this was soon modified claiming no explosive limits were known. Current MSDS now reinstate the information on flammability, look it up!

Derek Mancinho


Greed will not get us through thisIf a local mega mart has 100 shoppers inside – and 50 take ALL the supplies needed to protect oneself from this virus, leaving 50 totally unprepared and unprotected – those latter 50 will be walking around possibly infecting the first 50 who were so greedy. This is a Catch 22 indeed!!! Yet very simple math!!! So, those that are hoarding are only exacerbating the problems that face us. We must all protect ourselves as best we can – and share and pool our resources to make sure that EVERYONE has the supplies and necessities they need to get us through this challenge. There is an expression that “It takes a Village.” Well, this threat to our civic life is going to take our whole community – to watch each other’s backs – as our success will only depend on the combined efforts we put into it. Instead of grabbing and stockpiling all you can – perhaps leave something on the shelves for others in need. And, if you find yourself with extra, perhaps call your neighbors and friends – your extended family – and ask them if there is anything you can share. Quite possibly they may have something to offer you in return. But we must be thoughtful and respectful to our fellow citizens – especially to the elderly, the compromised, and the impaired. While we all may be fearful, we must carry thoughtfulness and kindness as our first line of defense – as they are powerful weapons to bare. This is going to be a long haul – and everyone needs to chip in with magnanimity and equanimity. Be a Good Samaritan – and treat others as you would wish to be treated – because greed can be deadly – while generosity can save lives. Namaste,

Darcy B. Gardiner


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Francis Bessler misunderstands what the "-19" means in COVID-19. It refers to the year 2019 and it is not the 19th virus in a series.

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