Hit and run victim thankful for assistanceDear Editor,

Recently, my parked car was subjected to a hit and run accident which resulted in the car being totaled.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the good assistance of the Victim Witness Advocate and program. The staff was very considerate and helpful throughout the process of restitution. Thank you.

Tim Hale


Coronavirus COVID19 and the United StatesI, like many of you, feel as though I am at the beginning of a book about a pandemic apocalypse. We see things happening in other countries without a real understanding of what is happening, almost as if it were a virtual reality. It seems that this is common as we watch wars, starvation, and death from the outside. COVID19 is like a baseball coming at you in slow motion, you can see every detail as it gets closer and closer. It seems like it is going to hit you in the face, yet it has yet to strike.

We can see what the Coronvirus, COVID19 is doing in South Korea, Iran, and Italy, where the infection rate ranges from 6% to 25% per day and the death rate is between 2.2% and 3.4%. We see how they are well prepared, using global standards for treatment and prevention. They are spraying with special disinfect, using infrared cameras to detect anyone with a fever, canceling all major events and much more.

We in the United States, know that COVID19 is here and yet we are not taking any of these preventative measures. We should encourage students to avoid traveling on Spring Break. We should have active monitoring stations and trained teams ready to disinfect.

I believe we need to get ahead of the curve and slow this ball before it hits us in our face.

Do we have infrared monitoring stations to monitor people’s temperatures? If we do not have these things, are we buying and training to ensure we have them in a week or two? It does seem that the United States leadership are not getting all of the detailed information from South Korea, Italy, and Japan needed to address COVID19.

It would seem logical, that we in the United States, would currently be doing mitigation and treatment efforts for the Coronavirus that are being used in other countries. It is very important that we slow the transmission and spread of this deadly disease.

Lawrence Struempf


Landowner’s position on wind turbines dismissive of consequencesDear Editor,

I write in response to Mr. Woodard’s recent op-ed, nominally about a landowner’s perspective on the Rail Tie Wind Project. The piece was actually more about a landowner who expects a windfall in the form of turbine royalties, who views his neighboring landowners as the main impediment to money he believes he deserves, and who relentlessly belittles what his neighbors have to say. We need a reset.

First, Mr. Woodard has no right to change the use of his property from agricultural to industrial without appropriate government permission. This is not one of the legislated privileges, such as minimal property taxation, that ranchers enjoy.

Second, his windfall evaporates if the eventual owner and operator of the project – distinct from the project promoter – proposes a flawed project that does not secure governmental permission to proceed.

Third, the Rail Tie Wind Project is indeed questionable. Its 675-foot tall turbines are a leap in technological scale that has not been deployed onshore in the United States, a leap that presents issues far beyond the visual. For example, taller towers attract more lightning and throw ice further.

Mr. Woodard’s careless dismissal of the concerns of his neighbors only makes sense if he does not intend to live near the turbines once the project begins. The rest of us, and there are many, prefer to stay – without the monstrous turbines. For some, who have seen their property values impaired by the mere announcement of the project, leaving would mean hardship.

Fourth, there is a renewable energy boom in Wyoming. Without an effort to look forward, Albany County could find itself caught up in a flood of construction that rests largely on tax credits, with a patchwork of wind and solar development that undermines the qualities that now make Albany County so appealing. It’s not just about Mr. Woodard.

Alan Minier


Parked cars in violation of ordinanceI thought the city had an ordinance about how long vehicles could be parked on the street without being moved. On Adams Street a few hundred feet south of Snowy Range Road is a truck that has been there for weeks. On Boswell Drive just east of Third Street is a out of state car that has been there for months. Why haven’t they been towed?

Dennis Kats


Lawmakers should revive retirement bill in future session Dear legislators and Wyomingites,

We are Master of Social Work students here at the University of Wyoming and live across the state. We strongly support an inflation adjustment for Wyoming public retirees. While the bill is dead, we hope our fellow citizens will join us in asking our state senators and representatives to revive HB 112, Wyoming Retirement Plans-Adjustments, during the next session. Defined benefit pensions are the most reliable path to a secure retirement for working families. They are also powerful economic engines for local communities. The spending of pension benefits by retirees supports local businesses through purchases of food, medicine, gas, and other staple items.

In 2016, the spending of pension benefits in Wyoming:

• Generated $792.3 million in economic activity

• Supported 5,103 jobs that paid nearly $206.8 million in income

Each dollar paid out in pension benefits creates $1.22 in total economic output in Wyoming.

Public pensions are a great investment for taxpayers. Each dollar invested by Wyoming taxpayers in public pensions supports $7.44 in economic activity. While we are not currently part of the generation receiving retirement benefits, we know many people who are and have been affected by pension payouts. One Wyoming public retiree said “Wyoming Retirement is great and it needs to have a cost of living increase in order to keep it aligned. A cost of living increase would be money spent back into Wyoming’s economy which is a win-win situation.” According to the Wyoming Retirement System 2019 Summary Report, approximately $500 million of the $642 million pension payments for state employees went to those individuals still living in the state of Wyoming. Please consider reviving a similar bill during the next session and reviewing the information surrounding the bill during the off-session.

Anna Determann


Network news stations propaganda for leftistsAs we approach the November election the rhetoric and hate speech (not legal definition) will only increase. I also want to remind people not to watch too much TV as it will only fuel this problem.

I can no longer watch the national news on TV, although I have forced myself to watch MSNBC for curiosity. Do you still believe what you see on TV? I pretty much tuned out after Dan Rather ran a video that included friends of mine at a rally in D.C., but old Dan said it was a clan rally (almost broke my TV). I had friends who attended a march on the same day the Million Mom March took place, they showed me pictures of the police tape that corralled the Moms into a corner of the lawn in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The next day TV news and the Baltimore Sun showed a photo-shopped image making the Million Mom March look 20 times larger than life! I watched in horror as the Branch Davidian Compound burned to the ground while holding in my hand documentation that the CS riot control agent the FBI pumped into the buildings was flammable and explosive when confined!! I also saw on CNN’s web page pictures of children who died in an Israeli missile attack….one image was a boy who died in Sandy Hook! I believe nothing on TV.

Recently Joe Biden was questioned about his gun confiscation policy which he flatly denied. Excuse me but in the 1990s Senator Biden, along with Feinstein, and Schumer, wrote and sponsored many gun control bills of all flavors covering every type of gun. I have not seen Joe change his stance on this issue. My father-in-law who lived in NJ bought a cheap BB gun and when NJ passed their “assault weapon” bill he registered his BB gun because it could hold 300 rounds in its magazine. Assault weapons are anything but machineguns and Joe should know. Repetition of misinformation does not make it true.

So ask yourself, do you hate the president because your TV told you to?

Derek Mancinho


Senator implores Wyomingites to take precautions amid COVID-19Dear Editor,

While Wyoming often prides itself on being isolated from the mainstream, it is certainly not immune to all the world health scares. There is much confusion and concern surrounding COVID-19, or the coronavirus. As the number of cases rise in the United States, it is important that we take precautions to keep ourselves and our communities safe. While each day brings updates, by taking certain steps recommended by health officials and experts to keep yourself healthy, we can slow the spread of the virus.

First and foremost, everyone should wash their hands often. Scrubbing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is a good idea after leaving a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends avoiding close contact with others. Plan ahead and make sure you are only taking essential trips to larger public areas.

The coronavirus has made its way to Wyoming. Health officials advise that if you feel that you have become sick, the best thing to do is to stay home if possible. If you are caring for a sick loved one, it is especially important to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs or light switches.

Earlier this month, Congress passed more than $8 billion in funding to aid the fight against the coronavirus. It provides $7.76 billion for testing individuals with symptoms and for agencies combating the coronavirus. It also includes another $500 million to allow Medicare to expand the use of telemedicine during the outbreak. As part of this funding bill, Wyoming received $4.57 million for state and local public health responses to the coronavirus. I will continue to work with my colleagues and the administration to respond to this crisis.

According to the CDC, a good way to prevent an illness is to avoid high-risk environments, even if you are not showing symptoms. We must take it upon ourselves, following cautionary steps, to slow the spread of this virus within our communities. If you have questions regarding the coronavirus, I encourage you to contact the Wyoming Department of Health at wdh.covid19@wyo.gov.

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.

Washington, D.C.

Reader looks for thoughtful positions, not attacks, on wind farm projectTo the Editor:

As one of many concerned about climate change and renewable energy, I have been following the discussion about the proposed wind farm south of town.

Several days ago, Lynn Woodward, one of the landowners seeking to host the turbines, wrote a thoughtful editorial in the Boomerang defending the project. He raised several issues surrounding the endeavor, including the need for renewable energy, government regulations, land use, private property rights, viewsheds, ranching economics and county finances.

Woodward was persuasive, but I know it’s important to understand both sides of an issue. I was looking forward to hearing whatever information the opponents had to offer. Instead, what we got was a column from Lee Child filled with personal attacks, unsubstantiated allegations and invective.

I don’t know about others, but I have had more than enough of the emotionally-laden, tar-and-feather, hang-‘em-high approach to discussions of weighty public issues. Whether it’s the coronavirus, aquifers or wind farms, it’s time to follow the facts and let those who bring emotion and vitriol to the debate yell into the considerable Laramie wind.

Mike Massie


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