I’ve heard many from the political left call for “common sense” but I don’t think it means what they think it means.

It’s either “common sense” or “we cannot offend” or “you should be ashamed.” Why must we go along with the plethora of social experiments being hoisted upon the American public? Most if not all of these experiments have had dire consequences to other members of our society or did not work at all but gave up basic rights. For instance, although transgender people should have the same rights that most of America enjoy, passing a law that allows transgender people (born biologically male) to dominate women’s sports is definitely not “common sense.” Why do we fight over wedding cakes or flowers while gay people are being publicly executed in other countries? The list of failures goes on and on but we are shamed into being silent on these issues.

Every day we are pummeled by propaganda through TV programs, news and movies. Why are we not allowed to question? The Green New Deal may not give all means of production to the government (socialism) but it calls for the government to control companies and industries without question. Obama once stated that he wanted to see a “fundamental” change for America. Sanders and Cortez are calling for “Democratic Socialism.” Is America that bad?

Has socialism ever really worked? Capitalist countries with extensive social programs like Sweden are not socialist because the government does not own the means of production. Hugo Chavez and Maduro were both elected into office in Venezuela and there the government took over control of that countries industries. Venezuela like all socialist countries is now in ruins. Putting the word “democratic” before “socialism” does not change anything. Our elected officials are not as intelligent as they keep telling us they are, so why would we trust them to control our industry (jobs)? America’s poor are considered rich by the most of the world. We are the land of plenty and many immigrants risk their lives to come here, so why are we trying to fundamentally change (ruin) America?


Derek Mancinho


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So, putting "democratic" in front of socialism doesn't change anything. It's apparently still socialism. However, according to the author, democratic socialist countries like Sweden aren't socialist. Lot's of weird mental gymnastics going on here peppered with whataboutisms about gays in other countries.


My point is that we seem to worry about that are minor things when true atrocities are happening. Also Sweden (who does have extensive social programs) is not a true socialist country. Giving the government full control of a countries means of production (true socialism) always leads to corruption. Finally I think it is very weird that LGBT activists (not necessarily gay people) have taken sides with groups who have historically called for their elimination. Most of this is still available on Wikipedia.....no gymnastics here...

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