2019 has no sooner started and the threats and name calling has begun. The political left have made New Year resolutions to be nice but I guess they give themselves a free pass when it comes to attacking everyone who does not agree with them or is a “conservative."

By the left’s own definition all “conservatives” are stupid, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynist, white males or white male dominated females……and the list of names goes on and on and lately they have added “Jew” to the list. Now it is even fashionable to threaten business establishments who cater to “conservatives.” Are we going to witness more attacks against “conservative” owned businesses? This is just too reminiscent of the attacks against Jewish businesses in the first half of the 20th century.

In my life I have had many friends and co-workers who were/are of many different persuasions but I have been told that this is impossible because I am “inherently bigoted” and I am therefore unaware of my bigotry. OK so assuming this is so, then what is the underlying purpose of the attacks and name calling? I should by their own definition be a hopeless case, why bother with me and others like me?

Unlike other American movements it is now imperative that not only must “conservatives” be silenced they must also be “re-educated.” Conservative thought must be eradicated, but again “why?” In the last 30 years we have witnessed a change from within our Christian churches and denominations. Self-proclaimed atheists and those who favor false doctrine have, through great determination, risen up through the ranks of our clergy, preaching against established norms, claiming “they” have suddenly come to the proper interpretation of the Bible. Through centuries rulers kept control of the Bible so they could control the masses. Then in the 16th century, individuals, facing persecution, distributed the Bible to the masses in languages that the common man could read. We no longer need elitist rulers to interpret the Bible for us.

Most Americans just want to be left alone to tend to their families. Let it go people…


Derek Mancinho, Laramie

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