Dear Editor:

I listened to Sheriff O’Malley’s “equal time” Nov. 1 interview on KOWB regarding his campaign for a third term in which he accused his opponent, Tim Hale, of being misinformed regarding important issues. Mr. O’Malley vehemently denied using a county-provided vehicle to run errands for himself and his wife. However, the Court transcript for a Nov. 4, 2015 trial case recorded: Attorney: “Were you still in your county vehicle?” O’Malley: “Yes.” Attorney: “During county time?” O’Malley: “Correct.” Attorney: “Middle of the day, business hours?” O’Malley: “Yes.” Attorney: “Doing errands for your wife? O’Malley: “Correct.” A few questions later—Attorney: “You were doing things for your wife on county time in your county patrol car?” O’Malley: “I was doing things for myself, too. Okay?” Either O’Malley lied in this court case or that he was untruthful during the KOWB interview. Curiously, O’Malley never addressed the concern that Tim Hale raised about the sheriff misusing his county email for personal use, eating his meals at the Detention Center, etc., all compliments of local taxpayers. O’Malley did not deny his trips to Washington, D.C., or his lectures as a homosexual-matters expert at taxpayers’ expense. While Mr. O’Malley is attending these conferences and meetings, he is not serving the urgent needs of the citizens of Albany County, but he does use their tax dollars to pay for his memberships and travel expenses.

Finally, on KOWB, O’Malley touted his 40 years of alleged “law enforcement” experience, but from 2010 to 2018, none of the serious criminal complaints I personally filed with “the Sheriff” regarding our “besieged 36 acre AC property” was sent to the county prosecutor. By comparison, during the last 20 years, Mr. Hale has performed difficult and hazardous jobs for us with distinction, allegedly saving the lives of local workers previously sent by local government into non-OSHA-complying underground facilities on our private properties.


Gary J. Linford, Laramie

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