Girl Scout sad to see University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Institute close

Dear editor,

I am greatly saddened to hear about the upcoming closure of the Biodiversity Institute and the Citizen Scientist program. As a Girl Scout, I enjoyed participating in the Girl Scouts in Science: Discovering Wyoming Water program. I also had a great time surveying amphibians and moose with the Boy Scouts. I enjoyed doing field work with professional scientists and meeting with the inspirational women in science along the way. These activities sponsored by the Biodiversity Institute introduced me and my fellow Girl Scouts to scientific methods. We went out in the field to collect data, then created posters and presented our findings to the public in poster sessions.

I am currently in the 9th grade, and I feel that the experiences that I had in the Citizen Scientist program will help me further my scientific exploration. In addition, the teamwork and leadership skills that I learned throughout this program will be beneficial in my later education. It is a shame that the next generation of Girl Scouts and aspiring scientists will not have the same opportunities that I had.

I am grateful for the experiences that the Citizen Scientist program has provided. If there would be any way to keep the Biodiversity Institute running, I would be more than happy to help. I appreciate your time and consideration.

— Kieran Burns, Laramie

Students’, moderator’s treatment

of candidate disrespectful

On Thursday, October 25th I attended the gubernatorial debate hosted by the University of Wyoming at the A&S Auditorium.

What surprised me wasn’t the candidates’ stump speeches or the standard questions asked, but the utter lack of respect our student body has in the face of differing opinions. This included jeers and booing, not just after candidates spoke, but during their allotted time. It was disrespectful and unbecoming of what claim to be civic-minded college students.

Anyone who knows me understands that I am not a fan of anyone on that stage, not Mary Throne, not Mark Gordon, not Lawrence Struempf, and not Rex Rammell. I disagree with the slate on a number of issues. However, they all deserved a chance to speak, and while some were given that opportunity, others were laughed at and were not given the respect they deserve. I am not only saddened by the students’ behavior, but also the feeble attempts by moderators to stop it, and even one moderator’s effort to get a further reaction from the crowd, saying “You’re not debating me, Rex.”

I am a Wyoming Cowboy through and through. The world truly needs more cowboys, but what it doesn’t need is the sad display seen on Thursday night. For the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be associated with the student body and am sorry that this was what UW has to offer.

— Joe Rubino, Laramie

Misconception needs correcting

Editor’s note: An error led to only half of Mr. Greller’s letter printing in the Boomerang’s Oct. 27 edition. To correct the error, the letter is running in full today.

On behalf of the Albany County Clean Water Advocates (ACCWA) I need to correct a misconception that appeared in some candidates’ answers in the 2018 General Election Guide. Similar misconceptions were evident in responses to ACCWA’s own survey of candidates ( and come up in conversations with people around town.

The Pilot Hill Project does not address the entirety of the Casper Aquifer. It does cover 13 percent of the land above the aquifer protection area, which is important, and it is why we support the acquisition and preservation of the land. The remaining 87 percent will continue to require our care and attention even with the success of the Pilot Hill Project (You can see a full picture of this area on the city’s website:

— Martin Greller, Laramie

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