I am wondering how many traffic deaths—vehicles, trucks, trailer and cyclists—are going to have to occur before the state makes the decision to widen Highway 230 up to Albany. This is a small stretch of highway (11 miles from the turnoff at 130 to the town of Albany) that has a continual stream of weekend campers hauling boats and 4-wheelers up to the beautiful recreation wilderness areas surrounding Albany. Add to that, ranchers who pulling stock trailers on this unusually narrow road. With cyclists riding out from Laramie or Centennial and you can see the intersection of forces that is sure to result in a tragedy.

The Highway Department has done a great job with Highway 130 by building a wide shoulder to accommodate the same traffic forces into Centennial and over to Saratoga. I just hope they widen 230 before tragedy strikes as the cost to widen 11 miles of highway is a relatively small price to pay to save lives. As the owner of a ranch that adjoins both these highways, I just hope something is done soon, before we are given reason to regret our failure to act.

Joe Leininger


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