To Readers of the Boomerang:

I apologize that I submitted an early draft of the story on Martha Boswell that appeared in the paper on Sunday, April 14. I changed the picture when I submitted, but neglected to send the new caption, which is:

“Source: Roach Collection, Laramie Plains Museum

Caption: A portion of the Boswell home is in the right foreground, at 208 S. 5th St. at the corner with Grand Ave. in Laramie. The photo was taken around 1890—it had been moved to town from Ft. Sanders around 1882. Now city-owned, the house is in LaBonte Park and leased to Feeding Laramie Valley, a non-profit. The lot where the house was became a Conoco gas station at Grand and 5th, and is now a city parking lot behind the Detention Center.

Also, Kate Browning, city volunteer researcher at Laramie Greenhill Cemetery, did locate Martha’s brief obituary, published on May 1, 1893, and she also reports that there is record of her burial at Greenhill; the on-line record showing no burial will be corrected.

The obituary notes that Martha had been ill for 15 years before her death, leading to questions about whether she was really baking pies at the ranch all those years. That is partly the reason why I changed the photo, it appears that the ranch was mostly her husband’s; the house in town was mostly hers. There was also a typo of mine under his photo, it should be “Boswell.”

The errors are entirely mine, and in no way the fault of the Boomerang.

Judy Knight, Laramie

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