County employees should be wearing masksToday I went to the Albany County Treasurer to renew my plates.

I was very angry to see NO ONE running that office was wearing a mask. I asked if they test for COVID-19 every day. I was told no. I asked why they weren’t wearing masks. The person helping me pointed to the plastic shield with the very large gap at the bottom, and told me, “I am safe, I put my mask on as soon as I leave the building to go to my car.”

The mask isn’t to protect you. It protects me. My mask protects you. Everyone should be protecting everyone else. It’s to stop the spread of a plague! Why is that so difficult for people to understand? Will it take someone in their family coming down with COVID-19 for them to take it seriously?

I told this person in the Albany County Treasurer’s Office that no one in that office was protecting anyone, yet they expect everyone to protect them. In fact, no one is allowed in the building without a mask, and signs posted on all doors state this. So, where are their masks?

Why is Albany County not protecting its citizens, when they believe it important enough to ban people without masks from entering their buildings?

Then there is having to do business in town. During this time I’m starting to think that many of the people here are ignorant or just plain thoughtless and reckless. This has nothing to do with rights. This has nothing to do with liberties, it’s a little piece of cloth. Why are so many people deliberately being so obtuse and stubborn? One would think that asking people to wear a mask equals asking people to give up their guns.

Although there is quite a large similarity — a gun will kill me as surely as COVID-19, and more humanely, too. Listen. I don’t want your gun. I just want you to wear a mask.

Please, please protect other human beings and wear a mask.

Thank you.

Sandra Werner


Senator’s column missing key information on COVID-19To Sen. Barrasso: I read your article in the Boomerang about coronavirus collateral damage. The virus is just getting started in Wyoming. The Number of cases in Albany county doubled over the weekend, not winding down like in New York.

You did not mention the direct damage: over 100,000 Americans dead from it, the impact on their families and friends, some medical facilities and workers overtaxed, lack of federal leadership and coordination, Trump practicing medicine without a license, etc. Just slipped your mind?

You cite the 600 doctors writing about opening up, but seem to have ignored the 1,100 former Department of Justice officers who said Barr should resign and the 700-plus former federal prosecutors who said that if Trump were not sitting president, he would have been indicted on obstruction of justice, for which you Republicans gave him a pass. Seems a bit self-serving and hypocritical.

What are the statistics for deaths related to failure to seek medical treatment and suicide during pandemic? Is the cure really worse than 100,000 deaths and counting? Why don’t you talk about Trump knowing about this coming and praising China while doing nothing, then blocking travel from China, but not other countries with serious outbreaks, doctor?

You don’t mention Trump’s refusal to model safe behavior or his false and dangerous recommendations. Why is that?

Wouldn’t continuing protective measures actually end the pandemic sooner than opening, reinfecting, closing, rinse and repeat?

What do you have to say about political interests suppressing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies? We could have opened up sooner and more safely if their recommendations were followed.

You don’t even mention how to open up safely—why is that? Aren’t you just contributing to the chaos and lack of clarity and leadership?

Risk is part of our daily lives. To deal with it we need the facts, not party platitudes, conflicting information, suppressed statistics and lies.

Carol Smith


UW can begin semester with online coursesI was just reading Wednesday’s newspaper. Are the UW Trustees serious? The state is having trouble coming up with money...and UW “only” wants $79 million. UW’s president says that “there is no way to guarantee our health and safety.” Again, seriously?! Four students have already shown that they don’t want to give up partying even though they were asked to quarantine.

My husband and I are in the vulnerable category. If you can finish the semester with online courses, you can start the semester with online courses.

The UW president and Board of Trustees need to realize that we are living in unique times and that calls for unique solutions, not business as usual!

Kathie Till


This Is what democracy looks likeI love my little town. We are less than 40,000 people. Protest down our main street have been going on since Monday. We are only growing stronger. I’m starting to understand our chant, “This is what democracy looks like!” I love our little town.

We have a diverse group of people representing all races and creeds. Beyond that we’ve been joined by several from the law enforcement community. It feels really good to be marching against police brutality and have a marked police car drive by with his fist in the air in support of our cause. I love our little town.

Another police car, obviously assigned to watch over our march, seemed to be there more for protection than for intimidation. A few loud vehicles roared their engines in counter-protest. Strangely only one of those counter-protesters had a local license plate. Any disruption they tried to cause was completely drowned out by the overwhelming honks of support of the locals driving by and neighbors shouting their approval. I love our little town.

Come join our march! We are here till Sunday. My rough count put us at over 600 on Wednesday. I feels good to live in a city where people care about others. And not just fellow Wyomingites, not just fellow Caucasians, not just fellow Christians. Laramie cares. If you are a minority of any sector we love you, and we see you. I gladly add my voice to drown out bigotry and racism. We are fools to think bigotry and racism doesn’t exist in our little town, but when the majority speaks together we can stamp it out. This is what democracy looks like. I love our little town.

David Turner


Could freedom has a birthday have a more inclusive title? I’m delighted to see Laramie getting active in the anti-racist movement and am very proud to live here. In that spirit, I would like to suggest that we change the name of our Fourth of July Celebration from “Freedom Has a Birthday” to something more inclusive and aware—African Americans and many other folks were not free in 1776, after all. Perhaps we could find another patriotic name that would be more inclusive?

Anne Guzzo


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Ms. Werner, Who are you to demand other people compromise their own health by wearing provably useless masks in your presence?

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