Candidate could do nothing useful for electorateTo the editor:

Republican Craig Malmstrom is running for state Senate in district 10.

Between January and May forecasts of state revenues through the next two fiscal years dropped by about $1.1 billion, or about $7,500 per Wyoming family of four.

Malmstrom is on the record pledging no new taxes and no cuts to education spending, the biggest area of state and local government spending.

Malmstrom promises to fix our fiscal problems with growth, bringing new businesses to the state, something that every governor and Legislature have pursued for many years.

As each new business will pay no income tax, all of the new people will pay no income tax, and the sales and property taxes per new family are far less than we spend per family on government services, Malmstrom’s approach solves nothing. With his stated pledges, which I believe are sincere, Malmstrom could do nothing useful in the Legislature regarding our biggest problem, the fiscal problem.

Thank you to Boomerang reporter Joel Funk for putting Malmstrom on the record in the June 20 paper. Malmstrom clearly flunked first grade arithmetic. Vote for anyone else in the primary and general election besides Malmstrom.


Martin L. Buchanan


Revisioning of police training could yield great resultsDear Editor,

For our country 2020 started out well for about two months. In March, COVID-19 entered into our consciousness with the closing of much of the country March 16 with all its ramifications. The struggles of the medical caretakers, hospitals, first responders and families dealing with the virus caused stress and feelings of being overwhelmed especially when death appeared.

Then Memorial Day George Floyd was killed due to deliberate police action. Much of the country exploded with mostly peaceful protests, but a minority was violent, again leading to much more stress and discontent.

I suggest that our police training should be community based instead of military based. Check out Camden, New Jersey. It was one of the most violent cities in the country several years ago. After instituting community based policing, complaints of violence by police dropped 90% in 1 year. Wouldn’t that be great if such results could happen across our country?

Bonnie Swiatek


Wasteful gamble on carbon capture technology will cost taxpayersCoal-fired power plants are rapidly closing in Wyoming and across the globe; the industry has been on a downward trend for years. Here in Wyoming, PacifiCorp will shut down their Kemmerer, Rock Springs and Glendo power plants by 2026. No, they’re not closing their coal-fired power plants because of environmental or climate change concerns. As publicly owned corporations with a commitment to their shareholders, they are retiring coal because it’s inefficient and the plants are too expensive to operate.

Let’s consider the proposal to invest in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal. The feasibility and effectiveness of this technology is dubious at best. Currently, only two commercial CCS plants operate in North America, and they function at much lower capacity than planned. As Wyoming journalist Dustin Bleizeffer recently remarked: “Not even China, with its government’s [financial] backing and loose regulatory rules, could make an economic case for [CCS] at commercial scale.”

Even if the technology were to improve in the next few years, it would add substantial expense to the already uncompetitive cost of burning coal. And yet, Governor Gordon and the Wyoming Legislature are pushing hard to invest Wyoming’s dwindling revenue in developing CCS, thinking the utility companies will recover some of the cost.

But who will actually end up paying for this wasteful gamble? We will. The “ratepayers” are expected to cover the cost of this unproven and expensive misadventure. What for? Our state funds would be much better spent on expanding renewable energy sources and attracting non-polluting, innovative businesses that bring high-paying, stable jobs to Wyoming. We should focus on retraining our hard-working coal workers so they are ready to join Wyoming’s new industries and on creating new opportunities for young Wyomingites.

The free market is speaking; we should listen. A dying industry does not merit continued investments, our people do.

Merav Ben-David


Trump setting poor example for country’s youthI am an American citizen, a registered Republican voter in Wyoming and I work in the coal industry.

I’d like to personally thank Donald Trump for teaching my son the following:

1. To put money ahead of people’s well being

2. That lying is OK

3. Truth does not matter, facts are subjective

4. To ignore science

5. That being a bully is OK

6. That calling people names is perfectly acceptable

And to my two Wyoming senators, Mr. Barrasso and Mr. Enzi I’d like to say that by supporting Donald Trump you are also teaching my son that violating your principles to stay in power is OK; that putting self interest ahead of country is a good template for life; and of course, that it is never a good idea to stand up to a bully and do what is right.

Thank you Donald Trump, Mr. Barrasso and Mr. Enzi, you all are in the same boat and deliver a consistent message for my son. The values you three are teaching him will come in handy in the world that you are consciously making for him.

I hope you sleep well,

Tim Moore


Police must be held accountable for violating rightsEsteemed community members of Laramie, and everyone else who is reading;

During the Laramie City Council work session on police use of force that was held on June 23, I spoke briefly during the public comment period regarding the Fifth Amendment and our right as citizens to due process of law. I wanted to take a moment and elaborate on my statement.

As our readers are no doubt aware, the Fifth Amendment protects those accused of crimes by allowing them due process of law. It states, unequivocally, that you are innocent until proven guilty, and that the state cannot levy a sentence against you until the trial process is complete.

Robbie Ramirez never received a trial. Neither did Philandro Castile, Breonna Taylor, Duncan Lemp, George Floyd, or countless others who have died at the hands of the police.

When we are discussing police use of force, we must remember that even the most uncooperative of suspects still have the right to due process, regardless of whether they are accused of a crime. Police have a responsibility and a duty to ensure that an arrested individual makes it from street to courthouse; alive, uninjured, and in a state where they can stand trial.

Any action which results in the death of an individual by police action or within police custody, regardless of circumstance, is a violation of this right and an abject failure by police to execute their lawful duty — and as citizens we should be demanding they be held responsible. Every individual who is killed, every extrajudicial death sentence handed down by those on scene without due process, further erodes our own protection under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. One person having their rights violated is a threat to the rights of all, and should not be allowed to happen without recourse.

This is why we’re marching, why I’m marching: to demand police be held accountable, and to protect the rights of everyone — including you, dear reader.

Kevin Sutherburg


Destroying history won’t eliminate racismWe now have heard Jaiden Grayson, a CHOP organizer, and Patrisse Cullors, a founder of Black Lives Matter, admit that they are taking a “by any means necessary” approach to “break it all the way down.” They believe that since the racism in America is “systemic” they tell us that all institutions must be eliminated to eliminate the racism. These individuals have admitted to being “trained Marxists” and their primary goal is to transform America into a socialist society.

Computer anarchists have a similar tactic referred to as a “fire sale” ….. “everything must go.” This explains why BLM anarchists have been destroying all statues. It doesn’t matter even if the statue was designed and built by ex-slaves or the statue is of individuals who fought to eliminate slavery “everything must go” before America can be reformed.

Our press and our representatives seem clueless about the U.S. Constitution. Racism cannot be blamed on the Constitution! In fact our founding documents made the claim that “all men are created equal.” It is a goal that we as a nation began to fulfill by eliminating slavery and eliminating segregation. Why must we discard such a glorious document and goal? Although not perfect our founders set these goals. Destroying all our monuments and burning the U.S. Constitution will not eliminate racism; it only erases history.

BLM established the nation of CHOP within the city of Seattle. Although BLM is for open borders and is against gun ownership, they swiftly barricaded the streets and armed themselves to protect their newly formed nation. I am so glad that President Trump did not send in troops as it has been entertaining to see this social experiment fail on its own as socialism historically does.

Erasing our history does not change the fact that Lincoln, a Republican freed the slaves and that Democrats formed the KKK. People are now losing their jobs because they refuse to conform. Products are being banned, even those that were developed by black Americans, who is really being offended? Why change America, people risk their lives to come here? My family did!


Derek Mancinho


Beware of barbecue bugsDear editor:

COVID-19 heralds some good news for this Independence Day. We won’t be facing heavy traffic. And, the scarcity of meat will keep our outdoor grills safe.

Folks who grill hamburgers and hot dogs face a nasty choice. The U.S. Meat and Poultry Hotline advises grilling at high temperature to avoid food poisoning by E. coli and Salmo-nella bacteria. But the National Cancer Institute warns that high-temperature grilling of processed meats generates cancer-causing compounds.

Fortunately, we no longer need to choose between food poisoning and cancer!

A bunch of enterprising U.S. food processors have met this challenge head-on by developing a rich variety of convenient, healthful, delicious plant-based veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and soy nuggets. These products don’t harbor nasty bugs or cancer-causing compounds. They are missing the cholesterol, saturated fats, drugs, hormones, and pesticides of their animal-based alternatives. And, they are waiting for us in the frozen food section of our favorite supermarket, along with nut-based ice creams, and other dairy-free desserts.

On this Independence Day, let’s declare our independence from the meat industry, which exposes its workers to COVID infection. And, let’s stay away from both the COVID and the barbecue bugs!


Lonny Brickle


Police should be wearing masksDear Laramie Police Department:

We learned today from the director of the CDC that COVID-19 cases are most likely 10 times higher than reported numbers show.

You, LPD, took an oath to protect and to serve, or did you forget. Last night at the protests, none of you were wearing masks.

Dr. Fauci and any other physician worth their salt will tell you — LPD — that the best way to protect others from COVID-19 transmission is by wearing a mask.

I guess you just don’t feel a need to uphold the oath you took to protect us. Or perhaps you have chosen to engage in political speech while you’re on the job, reflecting the president’s attitudes towards mask wearing. Either way, we don’t need you on the job!

Wear your mask!

J. David Nichols


Provenza should have been in HD 45 articleDear Editor,

I was so disappointed when I opened my paper this morning to find there was so little information included about Karlee Provenza in the report on the House District 45 political race. I spoke to Joel Funk and he explained that he was trying to be fair because the paper had already run information on Karlee when she announced her candidacy and Charles Pelkey, the retiring legislator, gave her his endorsement.

Karlee Provenza is the individual that founded ACoPP immediately after my son, Robbie Ramirez was killed by Corporal (now detective) Derek Colling. Karlee has dedicated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of her time to educate herself and this community on police reforms that benefit our community and law enforcement. She has built relationships with law enforcement across the state. At the same time she has earned her doctorate degree to become an expert in our criminal justice system. She is running for office to ensure no one is left behind – especially the working-class and people in our community who struggle to get access to healthcare.

ACoPP and the family of Robbie Ramirez asked that the community wait to allow the process to happen before staging any protests. During that process the flaws in the system became blatantly obvious. Changes need to be made. I want and need her in the legislature to stand by my side to seek positive police reform.

Karlee Provenza fought for justice for my son and I know she will fight for justice for our community. If you live in House District 45 I sincerely hope that you will vote for Karlee Provenza. She truly cares about this community. Karlee isn’t running for herself. She’s running for us.


Debra R. Hinkel


Police should apply law equitablyWell, Laramie, when Stephen Colbert recently singled us out on TV, it was certainly not for what has happened this week between LPD and protestors. On the up side, now that LPD has indicated openly they will not tolerate illegal entry onto or obstructing a roadway buy walking or sitting, I’m looking forward to being able to drive or ride my bike past the post office — for the first time in my memory — without having to dodge people sauntering illegally across the street in front of traffic and obstructing the roadway by exiting their cars and standing on the street to shoot the breeze.

I can’t wait until LPD also finally decides to commit to citing people for not using their directional signals and for not stopping at the stop signs when they’re coming around the corner.

Protestors score! Carry on, so long and thanks for all the fish.

With respect and admiration,

Lisa Cox


First responders do top notch jobWe are so blessed to live in this community! I wish convey my heartfelt thanks to the law officers and the firemen, some who helped us some time ago and some who helped us recently.

Some time ago, when we were out of town, a man decided he would “camp” on our property. We called the Albany County Detention Center to report it. They advised us not to go over there. An officer came to investigate and took him to the center. The man had fashioned a “sort of” tent out of black plastic. And he had cut 79 branches off our Colorado Blue Spruce Trees (which we had planted when they were 5-7 inches tall). He hung metal cans all around his tent, apparently so he could hear if anyone approached. The inside of the tent was a real mess. We were not in a position (I was in a wheelchair) to clean things up. Subsequently, a law officer came with plastic bags and had the man clean up. This kind officer got the man a ticket and put him on a bus so he could go to a destination he wanted.

And our wonderful firemen! Heartfelt thanks go to them, also! They were/are so vital in our lives! Our 911 calls were answered in minutes! At a crucial time in my life, they came. The law officer remained with me until he knew I was alright. I believe we owe all these wonderful people a debt of gratitude for their service to all the people of Albany County,

Lydia Kercher


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