Keep the king’s men out of our apartmentsTo the editor:

How many of us would like government agents to force their way into our homes and go through every room without warrants?

That is what the bad idea of blanket city rental property inspections entails, an unneeded government intrusion for a non-existent problem. Laramie rents are low, rental unit selection is excellent, and landlords compete in the marketplace. Note that general inspections are not the same as legitimate government assistance when a landlord-tenant dispute is not resolved, as such disputes most often are, privately between the parties.

As Laramie has thousands of rental units, adopting such inspections would require adding multiple people to the city payroll, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in an economic depression. The intrusions of inspectors would also be an additional vector for transmitting pandemic illnesses.

The violations of privacy would be huge. Will you be in your boxers and your wife in her lingerie when the demanding knock on the door comes? Such inspections typically enter every room; the books you read, your political posters, whether you did the dishes or made the bed, and valuables noted for subsequent burglaries would all be seen by government agents without warrants.

I write this letter because there has been some support on the Laramie City Council and among council candidates for this bad idea. Citizens and voters should pay attention. We need to keep Laramie’s renters safe from intrusion and Laramie’s rental market unencumbered.


Martin L. Buchanan


Republican, Democrats, conservative, liberal?What we have here is the great American con job. People in control or want to be in control want you to pick. Once you pick you are in their pocket — job over!

A strong democracy depends on citizens being informed and making decisions that will enhance and strengthen the democracy. But today we make our choices from 30 second TV political ads, or from the bought and paid for TV shows that paint just the right picture the politician wants you to see. Everything else is fake news.

So what do we end up with? Senators that lack guts to stand up, and are seen following their true leader around like little puppy dogs. We are left out once again!

Liz Cheney makes national news for standing up against Trump. But isn’t this exactly what we expect her to do? It is a political shock to see someone these days with a back bone in Congress!

Are we going to elect another rubber stamp to the U.S. Senate, or someone who puts Wyoming and our country first? Nothing personal, but Cynthia Lummis was that rubber stamp drawing a big check while in the U.S. House. Every few months I would check the obituaries to make sure she had not died. Do you really think it will be different this time?

Wyoming is made up of strong willed people that work hard to survive in this boom and bust state. We deserve the best! We were the first place smart enough and brave enough to have women vote. We had the first woman governor ever. We know how to fight for what we believe is right, and are not afraid to take the lead.

There has never been a time more important than now. We Wyomingites need to show America once again that we may be small, but we are leaders. We must show this country we still think for ourselves out West and push back against the labels political parties put on us to control us. Wyoming must show America what it takes to be strong and free!

Roy Bane

Albany County

Who are you going to call?You get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water. You see someone is shining a bright light into your backdoor window. You look out (dumb). One person is at the door. It appears he is trying to force the lock. Another person is holding the light. When they see me, they run away. Your yard is fenced and has a “no trespassing” sign on it. Who can you call for help?

Lydia Kercher


City Council should stay out of mask debateI am against wearing mask outdoors. I heard all the news about how the heat and the sun kills the virus, so why is the city council considering it?

I work at UW and I understand the masks in the buildings. I believe the COVID virus will hit with or without the masks. We have been cooped upwardly this COVID to long.

I believe the rise in “cases” is only due to the testing process. Do all those people have symptoms ? Does the city council believe that everyone in Laramie will wear a mask outdoors? I myself will not wear a mask unless forced to do so. I believe that the people are free to make their own decisions about the masks. I don’t the city council has the power to force the folks to wear mask. I believe we as adults can make decisions on our own.

I have to play by the UW mask rules to keep my job and I do it no problem. I just feel it’s an infringements on my rights to forced to wear a mask wherever I go. Cut us lose and let us take care of our selves.

Kathy Norris


Council member’s comments offensive to many in LaramieLaramie City Councilman Paul Weaver’s political career is over. At the July 14 City Council special meeting regarding the mask requirement proposal, I was one of only 10 citizens who were allowed into city hall hall, alongside a few dozen in virtual attendance.

Before the public comment period, I was shocked to hear Councilman Paul Weaver make a preemptive diatribe bemoaning that he was about to hear calls for “freedom” and “rights,” with loathing in his voice. He went on to question if “this is the best use of our time” but put on his big-boy trousers, saying he would sit through it.

Well, The councilman was hiding behind his deactivated Zoom camera for most of the meeting — maybe he had more important things to do that listen to citizens’ input regarding his proposal. Everyone in attendance heard his attitude (including the Laramie Human Rights Network member who was scoffing at laughing-out-loud at about half of the speakers, especially those asserting their rights against mask requirements) and doubtless, many Laramie citizens are very upset with our ‘Ruler’ Paul Weaver’s attitude toward his ‘Subjects.’

Fortunately for Americans, our Constitution and Bill of Rights are framed to protect against petty tyrants with a track record for proposing ordinances to control our daily lives. At the time of writing, the city council website recently corrected Paul Weaver’s phone number (per my call to the city clerk, two years after his election) and it is listed as (307)742-2471 — why not give him a call? So far, he hasn’t taken my calls and his voicemail box is full.

Lander Solon


Masks keep everyone in community safeScience supports masks as one of the best tools we have to stop the spread of COVID-19. The majority of members of our community do not know if they are carrying the virus because people can be contagious while showing few or no symptoms and most people have not been tested.

In light of these facts, I think wearing a mask in public spaces is at the very least a sign of courtesy and respect to others in our community. But, given that black, indigenous, and people of color are dying of COVID-19 at a rate six times that of white people and the elderly, immunocompromised, and people with preexisting conditions also suffer disproportionately, I think the refusal to wear a mask is an act of racism and great selfishness.

I find it troubling that many people are not willing to take this simple step to help reduce the risk of suffering and even death for the most oppressed and vulnerable members of our community. I hope people can take a moment to tune out the national political fight over this issue and reconsider wearing a mask as an opportunity to show respect for the safety of their neighbors during this difficult time.

Zach Wallace


Time to get serious about our budgetTo the Editor:

The Rail Tie Wind Project conversation is very important. Also, the budget cuts announced by the governor are important. And there will be budget cuts to follow in 2021, according to Governor Gordon.

It is up to the state as a whole to figure out how to fund the government. These cuts not only reduce our quality of life, like less money for mental health, they remove money from circulation and decrease jobs. It is incumbent on us to seize the opportunity offered by the Rail Tie Wind Project and develop a new revenue stream. Rocky Mountain Power acknowledges the importance of renewables in its’ planning, and we would be wise to see the need to avail ourselves of this means of economic development.

It is with heartfelt concern for all involved that I propose that our path is clear. The Rail Tie Wind Project, like any large energy or infrastructure project, will have impacts. Still, it is overall for the greatest good.


Kathy Curtis


Rail Tie Wind Project an unethical endeavorAdvocates of the 26,000-acre Rail Tie Wind Project claim it will promote energy self-sufficiency. This could not be farther from the truth. The considerable energy, materials, labor, and environmental damage involved in producing and installing a wind “farm” occur on top of a preexisting power infrastructure that it will not and cannot replace.

Turbines cannot produce sufficient constant power to replace conventional power plants. To prevent regular black- and brown-outs, power plants must continue operation in addition to the turbines, which must halt due to maintenance, ice formation, too little, and even too much wind. All turbines have a “cut-out” wind speed at which point the generator shuts off to prevent damage. The blades will spin but fail to generate power. The models ConnectGen is considering cut out at wind speeds of just 55.9 miles per hour, typical for all turbines.

Wind energy draws components from foreign sources complicit in modern slavery. 80% of the rare earth minerals used in turbine manufacture are mined and processed in China under horrific health and environmental conditions. The remainder come from Chinese-owned mines in the Congo hand-worked by children. The cobalt mined there is used in batteries like those developed to store wind energy.

Moreover, turbines are remarkably inefficient, harnessing only 60% of the wind’s power at best—a number which remains consistent despite other improvements in the industry. Even imagining a world in which the wind maintained a steady 30 mph, turbines never required maintenance, ice never formed on blades, and the necessary minerals and metals were domestically mined using equitable labor practices—even in such an impossible scenario, Wyoming would have to be covered with turbines in order to generate enough energy to be self-sufficient.

A reasonable person might ask why turbines are being installed at all. The answer is banal and predictable: money. ConnectGen sends representatives from Houston to Wyoming, assuring us of their expertise and trustworthiness. They exploit financially vulnerable ranchers and virtue-signaling citizens who reasonably assume that these “experts” would not recommend something inefficient, impractical, illogical, and unethical. Unfortunately, the Rail Tie Wind Project is just that.

Emma Clute


Republican leadership on coronavirus lackingDoctor/Senator Barrasso two columns in Friday’s paper in which he said absolutely nothing useful on how to deal to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Gordon said he was “frustrated.” Cynthia Lummis has an ad that says nothing about her platform except that we need to open businesses and “Open” is a peace sign. Where is Republican leadership on “Rest in Peace” signs?

Barrasso says “America is starting to recover from its corona-virus-induced coma,” even as the number of cases and deaths continue to increase across the nation and new areas are dealing with lack of appropriate PPE and equipment and health-care worker burn-out. Is he uninformed, getting his stats that now go through the White House propaganda machine instead of the CDC, being unrealistically optimistic, or just plain lying to us?

Sure looks like the latter, ala Trump.

You can be fined for not wearing a seat belt--they save lives. Smoking is banned in public places--even second-hand smoke can kill. What keeps our Republican leaders from taking a realistic, public-health approach to the virus and mandate, or at least model and encourage mask-wearing, social distancing, and re-opening only when CDC guidelines are met and steps followed? Why are they contributing to the chaos and prolongation of the pandemic instead of taking clear steps to hunker down, bite the bullet, and get this over sooner?

Why are our Republican leaders pushing to reopen “safely” without being clear about what that entails? Why did so much money meant for small businesses go to so many of them and their businesses, and their donors businesses?

The complete lack of coherent, rational, public-minded, safe leadership from the Republican party, our Congressional delegation included, should alarm citizens and motivate voters to turn out to throw the rascals out and replace them with those who will honor their oaths of office, actively and responsibly protect the safety of the American people, and protect and defend our democracy.

Carol Smith


American people should demand justice in Mueller probeOn Friday, July 17, 2020, Sen. Lindsay Graham released information proving that Mueller and his gang of 17 “angry democrats” continued to run a coup effort using the power of the federal government to over-throw our duly elected president. It is no longer something that can be brushed under the rug. The American people now have the proof we all have believed existed and demand that action be taken immediately by congress and the current DOJ officials to review the facts (they already know them) and stop turning a blind eye to this scam.

The greatest disinformation campaign in history has been effectuated by compliant media in covering up and obfuscating the truth of what has happened. Through it all we the people have been wise to the scam and have been patiently waiting for now to have our “conspiracy theories” proven correct.

If you actually run this opinion piece and your readers have actually read a front page story reporting the bombshell details I will be shocked. For your writers here is the source material:

We the people demand justice.

Thank you,

Mark Koep


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