Open letter to the UW Board of Trustees:

I want to share with you how very disappointed I am with the UW Trustee’s dismissal of Dr. Nichols from the University of Wyoming presidency position. I thought that she did a remarkable job as the university president. She served in a very trying time and was an excellent ambassador with great outreach in the state. I also think that having a female president sending such a strong message to the state and to young women (like my daughter who proudly graduated from UW last spring) was an immense positive.

With the constant revolving door with UW presidents, I would think that it will be a challenge to replace this position with a highly competent and experienced president. If I were a professional looking for employment at this level, the sheer turnover of this presidency position would give great pause to apply at UW. The trustees have every right to hire and fire -- we all recognize this. I do think that the trustees should be more public about the changes that they seek versus ducking behind the “it’s a personnel matter” that they have chosen related to her dismissal. They need not go into great detail about why she was not renewed. But, it is owed to the state citizens to say what generally happened and what it is that UW was and is seeking in this Presidential role. We can all probably read between the lines accordingly. The Wyoming public perceives that Dr. Nichol’s was treated very shabbily. It certainly does not seem to meet our standards of UW Cowboy Ethics and her dismissal reflects quite poorly on the UW trustees.

The public is confused with where the UW trustees are going and what the message and vision is. Having a turnstile presidency at UW makes me wonder if the trustees are the primary concern. Many Wyoming residents also question the trustees past and present failure in this area.

Regardless, thank you for your service in your role. I know it is not easy.

Patrick Henderson, Sheridan

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Check of Reality

With the lost revenue and not living within her funding plus creating and supporting studies that are not productive speak by themselves for why she is gone? Maybe the Trustees are pragmatic realist, especially for funding?


Ms. Nichols is gone because she prioritized pumping enrollment numbers over her fiduciary responsibility to the state. In her defense, she lobbied hard for the $300m replacement dorms which must be filled at a time when demographics will dictate lower on campus enrollment and increased electronic education delivery.

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