Renewable energy advocate: Albany County should say ‘no’ to wind farmI power our home with solar and hope to add wind this summer. I’m a firm believer in renewable energy, more than most. A huge industrial wind turbine project is planned for the beautiful 287 corridor. These wind turbines could be as tall as 900 feet or more (never before built on land). The Titanic was approximately the same length. You will see this industrial wind turbines from Laramie and there could be as many as 150. The industrial build could create possibly 60 temporary out of state jobs. Once these turbines go up it will devalue all real-estate for a surrounding area of 30 miles. The once pristine desirable landscape will have lost its appeal for people wanting to buy or build homes in the now infected areas.

Building just one home will employ no less than 30 people minimum and can take up to 4 years to build. When you build that home you will now employ design architects, lumberyards will sell enormous amounts of materials, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, sheet rock, painters, building contractors, hardware stores, implement dealers for tractors, mechanic repair, cement contractors, septic systems and pumping, well drillers, realtors, road building, even the city land fill, to name just a few. That one house alone can easily inject $500,000 into our local economy. Locals will be starting up new companies to keep up with the demand of building. The wind project will destroy thousands upon thousands of desirable home sites. When a piece of property is improved and built on, it generates taxes for the county. All the electricity generated from this project will go out of state. If in-fact this industrial wind project succeeds it will cost Albany county tens of thousands of jobs over the next 35 years. The people that would be living in the infected area will see a dramatic drop in there property values, but surly not there property taxes. Ask yourself, why aren’t these being built in Colorado, only 5 miles away, since that’s where all the power is going. Five-hundred thousand acres of vista will be ruined because of the turbines.

Carson Aanenson


Trump is an abuser of the powers of his officeMr. Manchino, you claim to hate “fake news,” but where do you get your “facts?”

You asserted Obama fired all but one of his cabinet members. Fact-checking showed the turnover in the executive office for Obama’s first three years were 9%, 15%, and 43%; for Trump they were 34%, 32%, and 11%. Remember Perry, Priebus, Shalkin, Tillerson, Pruit, Sessions, Haley, Kelly, Mattis, Zinke, Nielson, McMahon, Acosta and others?

You claimed Obama pardoned almost 2,000 inmates. No, pardons are forgiveness, indicating acceptance of responsibility and show of good conduct. Commutations are reductions in sentences and do not erase the federal conviction. The Department of Justice (DOJ) website on Clemency Statistics shows, over the whole of his presidency, Obama granted 212 pardons and 1,715 commutations, using the established procedure for vetting petitions at DOJ. Many these occurred at the end of his presidency, as is traditional. Thus-far, Trump has granted 18 pardons and six commutations, bypassing the established process of vetting, and acting on recommendations from celebrities (elites, Mr. M.) and to help allies, donors, and those who have committed offenses similar to those of allies he wants to pardon.

Most Americans disagree with your assertion that Trump “has done far less to Washington and more for the people.” He lies daily, acts capriciously, puts personal interest over national security, and ignores the Constitution, rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, and will of the majority of Americans. Clinton won the election’s popular vote. More Americans voted against Trump and his approval rating has never reflected the support of even half of the electorate. President of the elite, then?

Who comprises this “elite” you go on about? Is that a code word, dog whistle, a label to mark some as your “enemies?” Donald Trump inherited his wealth, blew it, got bailed out by daddy. He stated his belief that Article Two of the Constitution gives him the power to do whatever he wants (he ignores First Article giving Congress specific powers, including oversight to prevent executive abuse). I’d call that elitist, arrogant, undemocratic, dangerous, and just another bald-faced lie.

Carol Smith


Laramie residents should be prepared for Coronavirus outbreakTo the editor:

The novel coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China in December is beginning to have significant worldwide impacts. As I write this, on Monday, February 24, the number of cases has grown by a factor of 40 in the past month, from about 2,000 to more than 80,000. Two-thousand seven hundred people have died.

China has slowed the growth in infections with draconian measures restricting peoples’ movements, applying to more than half of its population. Video footage from some of China’s largest cities has shown nearly empty streets at midday. Such measures are not sustainable indefinitely and there has been a huge impact on China’s economy. Because the Communist Party controls information flows in China, we do not know whether to trust either their coronavirus statistics or their economic statistics.

This coronavirus, COVID-19, is highly transmittable from persons to persons and from persons to surfaces and other objects and then to persons. It can be transmitted before a person has symptoms. In Wuhan, many medical staff treating patients also became sick and some died. Mortality is perhaps 2%, with older patients, smokers, and those with other health problems at greater risk.

Other countries are now dealing with their own outbreaks, including South Korea, Italy and Iran. More than 30 countries have cases. In the U.S.A. we have 53 confirmed cases and thousands of people who are “self-quarantined.” Community spread in our country is quite possible.

If and when COVID-19 reaches Laramie, the first line of defense would be “social distancing,” avoiding contact with other people, a hardship for most of us who enjoy our many community activities or participate in university programs. Considering that possibility I’m keeping a few more groceries on hand, keeping the gas tank full, and otherwise being ready to stay home for a while if public health requires that.

There are other impacts that we can already feel. China is now a crucial part of the world economy. If China suffers, we suffer, because so much of what we rely on is Made In China. Today’s thousand point drop in the stock market indicated the economic impact. We have had overvalued markets built on a pyramid of debt and easy money, not just in this country but in China and the entire world. COVID-19 may be the invisible microbe that triggers very large economic impacts.


Martin L. Buchanan


Editor’s note: An exception was made for this letter to exceed the Boomerang’s normal 350-word limit for letters to the editor because of relevance to news reported Tuesday that the CDC is advising Americans to prepare for a Coronavirus outbreak.

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