Trump is not what he seemsIs Trump a strong candidate? Why, then, have several states, like Nevada, South Carolina, Kansas, and Arizona have cancelled their Republican primaries and caucuses so Trump won’t have to square off against Weld and other candidates? Doesn’t that deprive Republican voters the opportunity to have their say? Is that fair to other candidates? Trump complains of people being unfair to him and his allies—does fairness not apply to others?

Why does he refuse to debate other Republicans? Why doesn’t he want voters to be able to see him defend his position and compare that to those of other candidates of his own party?

Will Trump debate the Democratic candidate?

Why isn’t he more transparent? What happened to the tax records he said he would (eventually) release? Why does he forbid people to honor lawful subpoenas, even when they are people in his own administration? Why isn’t the Secret Service being allowed to submit its required reports about expenses tied to protecting Trump at his oft-visited properties?

Why did he welcome, if not collude with, Russian involvement in our last election (confirmed by all our intelligence agencies and those of our allies), and invite Ukraine and China (on TV) to interfere in the coming election. Is he afraid to let Americans choose their own president?

Why has he been firing those whose job it is to protect our country’s security and cyber-security from hostile foreign interference when they report, as required by law, such attacks to the appropriate congressional committees? Does this make our nation more secure?

If Trump is strong, why does McConnell refuse to even bring to the floor of the Senate bill on Election Security to assure free and fair elections?

If he is anti-corruption, why did he pardon (donors) convicted of corrupt/criminal acts?

As Americans, regardless of party, we love our country, we value our freedom, and take pride in our democracy. Together we need to ask questions and let our thoughts be heard to preserve and protect those, just as Trump, Congress, and other government authorities take an oath to do.

Carol Smith


Interfaith workers deserve community praiseI was pleased to see a recent front-page picture in the Boomerang highlighting the tireless work of Laramie Interfaith employees, student interns, and volunteers. Laramie Interfaith helps people who are struggling to get by. They provide services and connect clients with resources designed to empower those in need, helping them to overcome their temporary misfortunes and attain stability. This enables clients to become productive and healthy members of society.

The residents of Laramie have been so generous to Laramie Interfaith! This letter is a reminder that, once the holidays are over, we often forget that hardships for many may continue year-round. Options for supporting Laramie Interfaith include donations of perishable/non-perishable food items, baby supplies, and toiletry items. Volunteers are always welcome and greatly appreciated. And as tax season quickly approaches, please consider sharing a tax-deductible donation.

Laramie Interfaith’s support has been invaluable to individuals in this community and to the community at large. I know this because I’m one of their clients. Thank you, Laramie—and thank you Laramie Interfaith.

Laramie Interfaith is located at 712 Canby St., Laramie, Wyoming, 82072. Their phone number is (307) 742-4240, and their email address is

Annie Wislowski


Keep Trump — the anti-eliteDo we really all agree that President Trump is the devil? Obama fired all previous cabinet members but ONE, pardoned almost 2,000 inmates, and lied about his health insurance program! Why attack Trump, he has done far less to Washington and more for the people? Didn’t the press love Trump when he was running in the primary in 2015 and 2016? Back then Trump was receiving interviews and free press coverage to the point that he hardly had to spend a dime on his campaign. Then suddenly after Trump won the Republican nomination he became the devil and Hollywood, cable news, network news, and all late night talk shows turned on him, why? There is only one explanation for this, the elites wanted a Republican candidate that they were absolutely sure Hillary Clinton could beat!

The elites were so sure of Hillary’s win that news editions were pre-printed celebrating Hillary’s win. Even on election night Hillary broke out the champagne and started celebrating! Trump ignored his handlers and campaigned where he personally felt the people needed to see him and he won. The propaganda from all the controlled media outlets, polls, and Hollywood was so thorough that even the elite began to believe their own lies and had become totally ignorant as to what the public was actually thinking and believing, and this is still going on.

The DNC changed the rules and allowed Mike “No Tax Return” Bloomberg to attend the Democratic debates. Several states have already held their primaries and Bloomberg has not been on a ballot. What are the Bloomberg campaign and the DNC doing? With so many candidates still running it is my bet that the DNC convention will be forced into a brokered convention. That’s right people Bernie is getting screwed again because the elites do not approve of him. Speculations abound as to who Bloomberg will choose for his running mate (Hillary, Michelle….).

In my life time there have been only three presidents who were not approved by the elite. Let’s pray that we tune out the repetitive propaganda and lies and keep Trump.

Derek Mancinho


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