Bob Franken's commentary ends with the quote: "As we venture to the heavens, we need to remember we still maintain an earthly hell that tarnishes any human achievement." ('Human Highs and Lows'; Laramie Boomerang; August 1, 2019)

Agreed; outspoken Trump supporter Trevor Bauer's being traded to the Cincinnati Reds yesterday immediately came to mind. The Reds *were* my favorite team for almost 50 years up until yesterday, as Bauer reportedly likes to tell people online he disagrees with to go kill themselves (Sports Illustrated; March 8, 2018: 'Trevor Bauer Insinuates Indians Restricted His Twitter Access'). Moreover, the Reds have not been playing African American Phillip Ervin even though he has the highest batting average on the team.

Serenity Prayer author Reinhold Niebuhr's 'The Nature and Destiny of Man' also came to mind, as did Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s commentary 'Forgetting Reinhold Niebuhr' (The New York Times; 9/18/2005). Schlesinger explained Niebuhr's opposing religious (and political) absolutism, while quoting Niebuhr as a moral relativist; very helpful to any struggling with religious guilt trips.

Swiss theologian Karl Barth: "Men have never been good, they are not good and they never will be good". Btw, the film 'La Califfa' starring Romy Schneider is now available online with English subtitles. Love the opening line uttered by Schneider reflecting vulgar existentialism. It's almost as good as the wonderful pessimist Jesus: "If it's this way in the green wood, how will it be in the dry?"


Chris Deile


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