Bambi doesn’t have it so good. Hunters are the last of his worries. Every year he faces dying by starvation, freezing, thirst, and disease. Cars hit him. Then there’s eagles, bobcats, lynx, coyotes, feral dogs, wolves, and cougars. There’s always another buck that wants to beat him to a pulp.

A cougar kills in a hurry. She sinks a canine tooth into Bambi’s brain and it’s over. Smaller predators kill slowly. A pair of coyotes will run him to exhaustion, then start tearing his flesh. It will take days to get him down and then he doesn’t die until he is half eaten.

Ferdinand the bull on the other hand has it lots better. He lives free right there along with Bambi, except it’s different for him. He always has plenty to eat and drink. Hunters don’t come after him. Predators that come after him magically get shot. There are other bulls but they all have lots of cows to keep them busy. Life is good. He only worries about vegetarians because if they get their way, his lifestyle is over. The Cowboys will go away and suddenly all those demon things that torment Bambi begin to attack and torment Ferdinand and continue to attack and attack until Ferdinand’s life is a living hell.

So be good to Ferdinand and eat beef!

Danny Davis


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