While the rest of the districts in the state have followed suit and closed districts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our district seems on taking a serious recommendation from state leadership and dragging it out and tying it up in miles of red tape. No other district seems to be debating whether they will close, and no other district deferred judgement and waited until the school board could hold an emergency meeting in order to hold a regular meeting to decide what official action to take. Tentatively agree to shut down for two weeks but will meet in two days to fully decide? What bureaucratic nonsense is this?

Given our school board’s history of inaction and complicating matters that do not need complicating, I foresee them seriously debating about whether or not our teaching professionals should continue to be paid during this emergency closure (they should be) and furthermore whether or not they will require schools to make up this time (despite the state superintendent saying no).

It seems this delay and ridiculous posturing was only done to land themselves on the front page of the paper. For shame!

Justin Clarke


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