To the editor:

I suspect that those who most need to grasp this point may not read our local paper, but it is worth saying anyway: The United States of America is not a white nation and no longer seeks special privileges for its white citizens, often understood as non-Hispanic whites, especially those of us who are Anglo-American, with ancestors from Great Britain.

Even the English parts of America have been an African-American nation since 1619, 400 years ago, when the first African slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia.

The USA has been an Hispanic nation since 1848, when vast territories were taken from Mexico in a war of aggression, and became more Hispanic in 1898 when another war of aggression, against Spain, acquired more territory, including Puerto Rico.

Of course we have been a Native American nation since before any of the rest of us arrived. We have been a Jewish nation since the 1600s and a Muslim nation since at least the American Revolution, when some Muslims fought in the Continental Army.

Important reforms introduced in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 have made us perhaps the first world nation, with millions of new, productive, and welcome Americans immigrating legally from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as continued legal immigration from Europe and Latin America.

Domestic terrorists and extremists who believe there is anything special about whiteness (pass the sunscreen!) are deluded. What can make the United States of America exceptional are commitments to liberty, fairness, civil discourse, democracy, and government based on law rather than personal power.


Martin L. Buchanan


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