To the editor:

A Laramie man, Mario Morones, commits serious domestic violence while drunk, is charged and brought to trial by our Albany County prosecutors, and then is sentenced to zero days in prison by Albany County district judge Tori Kricken--because he is a drug and alcohol user and needs "treatment."

Judge Kricken, who has been in the news frequently lately, may have failed Logic 101 in her undergraduate studies. If we allow drugs and alcohol to get one out of responsibility, aren't we encouraging drugs and alcohol? As drug users and alcohol users commit more than their share of crimes, aren't we greatly reducing the deterrence value of the criminal justice system, if substance abuse greatly reduces penalties?

Judge Kricken, a prison term is high-intensity drug treatment through enforced abstinence. Though there are lapses, prison and jail inmates generally cannot access drugs and alcohol while serving their sentences.

If Wyoming judges confer and seek some uniformity in how they approach criminal justice, then there is a broader concern that this bad approach may not be limited to one judge and one courtroom.


Martin L. Buchanan


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Martin, do you think that the only stage of drug and alcohol treatment is the availability part? Addiction is a complicated issue that is not "solved" by the unavailability of the substance. These sorts of programs are an attempt to stop the cycle and prevent "future crime". Black and white thinking is not a tool of an adult mind.

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