I am one of those who believe that Congress should impeach our President Trump. My many Republican friends ask me why. Here is my answer.

I do not believe one who attained his or her office fraudulently should be retained in office – once that fraud has been unearthed, so to speak. Perhaps it is a minor issue for some who may have realized someone has attained an office by virtue of fraud, but, for me, it is a major issue. It is not that I have anything against Donald Trump personally – and if he would come visiting, I would not only invite him in, but I would invite him to dinner as well.

But I do not believe people should be retained in office who have attained that office by keeping matters about themselves hidden that would have probably otherwise kept them from being elected.

What did Donald Trump keep hidden? Three things – not just one. He kept hidden his extra-marital affairs with a Playmate and a Porn star. Some say we all knew of his sexual prowess, but we voted for him anyway. I doubt that very much.

Number two, he kept hidden his tax history. Why? Logically, one does not want an electorate to know he “may have cheated” on his duty to pay income tax. Maybe Trump did not cheat, but by keeping his tax history to himself, it is likely he had a reason to keep it to himself.

And third, it is likely that Donald Trump kept his attempt to allow for a Trump Tower to be built in Moscow hidden because if that had been exposed, many voters would have not voted for him. Why? Because personal interest in a foreign country may have driven him to gain office in the first place – not only to profit from personal investment in that foreign country (Russia? North Korea? Saudi Arabia? Etc.) – but in office, to prioritize personal foreign interest (interests?) over national interests.

Now, why in the world should we allow that? My many Republican friends, tell me that!

Francis Bessler


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Trump was schooled well by Bush/Clinton/0bama.


Ummm..yeah. I get it, you don't like him personally, even though you would invite him in. I don't like what he has done either, but I see no laws broken, and I was just not thrilled with him as candidate Trump, but I was also a "Never Hillary" and I think things have worked out very well. I'm still not too fond of him, but given the past 2 years of excoriation from our MSM and Democrats (but I repeat myself!), I find that he is doing remarkably well. I will probably vote for him in 2020.

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