A Wyoming Green Beret veteran attempts to care for his dying wife. This veteran suffers both from the serious physical and mental frailties of aging. This is not a story. It is happening right now in 2019.

This is a family of two living alone in their small home within our beautiful state. Theirs is a world of food shortages, and smeared human waste throughout the house. This is a world of no money or proper care. This is a hell on earth out of sight, but very real. It is unacceptably here or anywhere!

Till now we have had the luxury of being unaware. No more! We now know! What are we going to do?

Will we as a state and a nation step up for a veteran and his dying wife? Or will Wyoming continue to brag about its hoarded wealth of billions for “a rainy day” and do nothing? Is this not that “rainy day” for this Wyoming veteran?

Out of respect for their personal pride and privacy I do not mention names or where they live. They do not deserve humiliation or public embarrassment that may come by being named here.

I hope people in proper positions read this and step up by contacting me so together we can end this living hell for a Wyoming veteran. Our reward is the reward of doing the right thing!

The time is now. Wyoming, and in turn a nation, should not turn its back on veterans in need. Our response will for ever define us. Our own dignity and pride are on the line.

Roy Bane, SFC Wyoming Nation Guard (retired), Albany County

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