As a member of this rifle range do you know you are paying your board members? Do you know they now want a pay raise?

You belong to the only rifle range in Wyoming that pays its board of directors. Ask yourself if this makes your range better? Are you getting meaningful events designed for local shooters? Is there a woman’s night at the range just for wives and girls to bond and shoot without men dictating an agenda? Is there a long range hunting rifle night shooting night for those wanting to hone those skills and provides an opportunity to bond with others interested in such shooting? Just a few examples of non-programs at LRRC.

I was a board member when the decision was made to pay board members. The theory was it would produce a better board of directors. It has not. Just the opposite is true.

Ranges throughout Wyoming offer one “sight in day” every fall to its citizens. Laramie range is open every weekend for over a month. Is there statistical data justifying this? No, but your BOD uses this to justify their pay. They will tell you they are required by their city charter to continue the program. Right! The Laramie City Council make them do it! The same council that cannot be bothered when allegations are presented to them about the corruption is making this range be open every weekend. But I am sure this council wants LRRC to succeed. They are in the business of success! They just don’t know how to do it. They need you!

As members you might consider doing something really radical. Get off your butts and start holding your BOD accountable. Take back you shooting range by making the decisions that affect you. Ask why a rifle range has $100,000 in hoarded cash and offers its members next to nothing. Ask why you paying a high membership fees that contributes to money hoarding, and also paying this BOD. Ask why this range thinks it necessary to beg for grant money every year with $100,000 in the bank?

Bottom line, the Second Amendment starts at home with you not back in Washington, D.C. If you deserve the right to bear arms start showing it. Stand up and be counted. There is more to shooting than pulling a trigger.

Roy Bane


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Mr. Bane has his facts wrong. Mr. Bane was president of the board when the board voted to hold at least 2 years worth of funds to operate the range in reserve. This was determined to be $22,000 per year. Mr. Bane was also on the board when it was voted on by the member ship to replace a full time paid manager by paying a stipend to members of the board. As to the amount of remuneration, while I was a member of the board we reduced the stipend by 40%. I estimate that the amount I was paid came to $.75 per hour. It is in the lease agreement with the City to hold a minimum number of "open" days for non-members and the general public which requires long hours and weekends for the Board members.

Mr. Bane was removed from the range and barred for life because of his constant, verbal and written attacks on the City Council, the Board in general and slander of individual board members. Since then his slander continues.

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