Laramie Main Street’s plan to host clean-up days this summer is welcome news. But people who live here all the time, not just tourists and returning students, deserve to see a clean downtown all year and I hope that this idea becomes a year-round program. It’s a great way to volunteer to help improve Laramie, but I have to ask why this isn’t something downtown business owners, property owners and employees don’t do on a regular basis without the help of volunteers on designated days. What the sidewalk, gutter and storefront look like reflect on what’s inside — the experience shoppers can expect and the cleanliness of the restaurants. That should be obvious. Pull the weeds; sweep up the dirt and litter. Doesn’t matter if you own the building. Pay attention to what’s behind your building - the alleys and parking areas. People use the alleys; keep them free of litter and debris and don’t use the Wyoming wind as an excuse to not do so. Years ago I filled in at three different specialty businesses downtown when the sole proprietors had business elsewhere and number two on the list of responsibilities after turning on the lights was to sweep the sidewalk and the gutter. Seems like an obvious thing to do and shouldn’t require a community effort. (And in the winter, if you have a corner business, clean the snow away from the catch basins so when the snow melts it can actually go somewhere and people can park and walk to your businesses, restaurants and offices.)

This suggestion goes for the rest of the town too. On July 9th, 15th, Aug. 28th, 29th stand across the street from your property, whether it be a residence, a rental, a commercial building, a business, an empty lot, and see what your neighbors see, see what people driving and walking by see. How does it look? Is it the view you’d like from your window? Walk down your alleys. It’s not just downtown that needs to be cleaned. Make the simple repairs that spruce things up. Mark your calendars to do it once a quarter if not once a month.

No one is going to do it but you ... but everyone will appreciate it and notice.

RoseMarie Aridas


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