Bad news—an IPCC report last month says the dangers from climate change are way more concerning that thought before and we need to act fast to avoid serious trouble. Not good. On Black Friday (while people were shopping), Trump’s administration released news about a government climate change report, again saying things are bad—and will be really bad for the U.S. economy.

There are a couple reasons us regular people do little in response:

Changing light bulbs and driving less won’t make that big of a difference, and the problem will mostly come later, so why not ignore it for now? We think there’s not much we can do about it, apart from inventing a giant vacuum that sucks up CO2. So, we read the news, feel bad for a bit, maybe put in solar panels or buy a hybrid car—and all of this is good, even the feeling bad part because it’s an appropriate response to bad news.

BUT there’s also good news—there’s something more we can do, and it isn’t that hard: join one of the largest climate change groups in the world and lobby congress for a carbon “tax.” A carbon fee is what most experts say can turn this problem around the quickest. The climate change group is Citizens Climate Lobby. The carbon “tax” is really a carbon fee and dividend, which means most people won’t lose any money and many will come out ahead. And, it’s a market solution, supported by both conservatives (Climate Leadership Council) and liberals. “Lobby” and “tax” are words nearly as distressing as “climate change”, but, when linked with CCL, they could be our best bet to turning this climate problem around.

It’s not even hard to get involved (check out A local group meets every third Wednesday of the month (second in December) at the First Baptist Church, 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. A little of your time joined with a little time from thousands of others could make a BIG difference in making the world a better place for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren, something we all want.

Chris Anderson-Sprecher, Laramie

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Yes, let's send more $ and power to the most corrupt institution on the planet, the UN. While we're at it, let's bring the yellow vest riots from Paris to the U.S. The gw/cc cult has a huge hypocrisy problem.


Give me a solution that doesn't involve raising taxes and I'll back it. Higher taxes will kill the economy faster than climate change will

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