Those quick to shoot not real cowboys

“The World needs more Cowboys”

Without a doubt it’s painfully obvious the heartache and destruction that has stemmed from the death of Mr. Ramirez; a tragedy for all sides. I was extremely offended by the comment in the Boomerang that the officer in question “wasn’t a cowboy.” Therein lies the problem. Had he been a cowboy, this terrible tragedy would never had happened. I don’t ever recall John Wayne or Roy ever shooting an unarmed man.

Cowboys are known for there integrity, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Cowboys are bound by there code of honor and a handshake. All my heroes have been cowboys. I know plenty of people in law enforcement that could have taken this young man down with one hand tied behind their back.

How can a person have years of SWAT team training and still lack the ability to take down a knife wielding perp without having to shoot them? I will say it again. The training that our law enforcement under goes is seriously flawed.

In August 2012, a deaf man was shot in Albany County. In December 2015, a suicidal man was shot at the Ski area, and recently a person with mental illness. The truth is, I don’t know a cowboy that couldn’t have subdued these suspects without the use of deadly force. Albany County is a dangerous place to live if you have any mental challenges.

To graduate at the top of ones class in law enforcement and not have the skills to disarm a suspect with a knife in my eyes is a failure and seriously flawed training. Law enforcement does what its trained to do. Time for some real change. This is simple stuff folks, not that complicated.

Carson Aanenson, Laramie

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