Thank you, Laramie

Community Holidays wants to extend a big thanks to Laramie for their generosity at Christmas for Laramie folk in need. We received $6,880 in cash to help purchase gifts. Many people shopped and donated gift items, in addition. On Dec. 16 and 17, we distributed 73 gift bags (for 203 people). In addition, we were able to purchase 190 food cards, which were distributed at the same time. When all the bags were distributed, there were toys left. These have been donated to Headstart.

Thank you, Laramie, for once again demonstrating how much you care about our community and its families!

Mary M. Burman


Thank goodness

Thank you, Sen. Barrasso for not joining in this destructive anti-democratic effort supported by Cynthia Lummis to overturn a legitimate election. Senator Lummis’ decision to join in on this effort demonstrates her willingness to sabotage our Constitution and democracy.

She has violated the oath she just took to uphold both. The same system that resulted in her own election, she is now condemning, only because she is selfishly playing up to the delusional self-serving interests of a failed candidate, Donald Trump and his supporters. This action is exactly that of those around the world who support dictators, not democracies.

Thank goodness there are some ethical members of her party who still understand and defend our Constitution and democracy. Mitt Romney said it best:

“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens or Democratic Republic. Has ambition so eclipsed principle?”

Cynthia Lummis’ support of this effort demonstrates her willingness to ignore the reality of the people’s choice as well as the tremendous sacrifices our military and others have made to defend our right to vote and have that vote count. It is distressingly unpatriotic and dangerous.

My father who was a Marine who landed on Guadalcanal is rolling over in his grave to see the callous, self-serving way she has trashed our democracy. Wyoming, wake up, you are better than this.

Phyllis Roseberry


It was never about Trump

Jan. 6 was a tragic day for America, but it was no Pearl Harbor, Sen. Schumer. Concerned citizens converged on D.C. to peaceably address their grievances. Reports have come in that there were a few agitators in the massive crowd and some were reported as possibly being Antifa. It only takes a few individuals to turn a protest into a riot and we witnessed this throughout 2020, darkness begat fire and looting.

The night of Jan. 6, my wife and I tuned to CBS to watch one of our favorite programs, only to be assaulted by an emergency news broadcast telling stories about the “riot” and how it was unacceptable that our representatives were threatened.

Excuse me, but throughout 2020 we were told the riots were “peaceful” gatherings and that the police could not even use non-lethal means to protect themselves from rocks, bricks, frozen water bottles and fireworks. Last year our police were told to stand down while cities and businesses burned, but on Jan. 6 a protester and veteran, Ashley Babbitt, was gunned down within the capitol building by armed D.C. police and this is somehow acceptable?

So let me get this straight: It’s OK for our businesses, cities, and towns to be burned down but it’s not OK for our rulers to be threatened?

Of course this incident was used as an excuse for Republican representatives to turn on the people and flip their vote and support Biden. The actions by Congress reminds me so much of the scene in “Braveheart” when the “Royals” turned away because they were bought out by the King. This made me sick.

This will not end with Trump fading into history. It was never about President Trump. This is about an out-of-control government acting like the elite ruling class that they are. The year 2020 was littered with well-funded riots, forced government shutdowns, expansion of big business, and illegalization of all types of gatherings both religious and civil.

Our rulers want us divided and oppressed and it looks like they are doing a damn good job of it.

Derek Mancinho


Not patriotism

In the Saturday, Jan. 9 edition of the Boomerang nearly an entire page was about a couple who joined the mob attacking the nation’s capitol building, all the while considering themselves patriots. Then they said what they were really doing was supporting Trump, one person, not the country, not the Constitution, not democracy.

The mob waved Trump flags and flags of rebellion alongside American flags, singing patriotic songs while vandalizing the symbol of our freedom and liberty. They spoke of a “feeling of shared patriotism at the rally.” Yes, the mob was mostly acting on feelings. That’s patriotism in a dictatorship or monarchy, not a democracy.

Our Revolution was to stop government based on allegiance and subservience to one person, to achieve the goals noted in the Preamble, quoted above. What happened Wednesday illustrated the opposite of those guiding aspirations. It was deliberate attempt to use force and intimidation to get their way, ignoring the will of the majority of voters and the many lawsuits Trump was afforded that failed to show any of the voter fraud he claimed.

The couple said they researched their position, ignoring the results of the lawsuits, the recounts, the hard work of thousands of election workers (Democrats and Republicans) in thousands of precincts all over America. And obviously they didn’t read the Constitution.

Trump and Co. told the mob to march on the Congress and repeated the big lie, that the election was “stolen.” Trump didn’t march with them. He flopped in front of a TV, enjoying watching them fight and die for him, and against truth and democracy. Trump called Republicans under siege to urge them to flip the election, while not bothering to call in more help to protect the Capitol and those inside. And inside, Cruz and Hawley were fundraising. The insurgency was just a political ploy for them.

Not patriotism.

Carol Smith


Blood on your hands

Attached is a photo of Brian Sicknick who, in performing his duty to protect you and other public servants trapped in the Capitol Building, lost his life at the hands of tRump’s ignorant and misled MEGA supporters, committing acts of insurrection, influenced and urged on by tRump and his corrupt advisors and family members. Due to the fact that you rose in opposition to the Electoral Collage votes as certified by the State of Pennsylvania, I deem it appropriate that you recommend Mr. Sicknick for a Presidential Medal of Freedom and a substantial pension for his family.

The insurrection that occurred due to the seditious rhetoric spouted by tRump and others during the “rally” in front of the White House, urging those in attendance to march to the Capitol and “fight like hell” to overturn an election so that tRump might retain his office has tarnished the Nation’s standing in the world. For this reason, I urge you to lend your support to those members of Congress calling for the removal of tRump from the office of President. The American people depend on our elected representatives to provide leadership in times of turmoil, guiding the Nation down the proper path regardless of the popular view.

The current resident of the White House is a sociopath without conscience, intent only upon satisfying his personal ambition with no regard for the welfare of the Nation. He is a dangerous, unscrupulous narcissist who will continue to lie, cheat, steal and abuse his office in the furtherance of his personal goals at the expense of Democracy and the freedoms enjoyed by the American people. I trust you will see your duty clearly and stand by your oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Edward DeCastro


About UW’s acquisition

We are writing regarding the acquisition by UW of the Mountain View Medical Park building and land using $8.4 million of federal CARES Act funding. We believe that this acquisition is a serious misuse of those funds. The COVID-19 funding is being given to UW for short to intermediate term use for “confirmatory testing and eventual administration of the coronavirus vaccine”, (only to members of the UW community) (ref. Boomerang article of December 27). In reality, this is just another “land grab” by UW; as noted by UW President Ed Seidel: “The acquisition also will provide long-term benefits for the university… and our need for future space for our programs.”

We ask:

  • Why couldn’t the university repurpose the old armory building for the same uses?
  • As UW cuts programs, won’t there be additional space for future uses?
  • The building in question is already housing medical facilities; why are we going to curtail their activities in this location (existing leases will terminate in two years)? Who is going to cover their costs as they try to relocate to new offices with all equipment, furniture, and staff?
  • The building currently houses different medical practices. Was any consideration made for current patients, who will need to reorient and/or change their medical options?
  • Given the needs of our small/family-owned businesses and families in need, wouldn’t those $8.4 million be more effectively used to support those really in need?
  • UW is already understaffed in maintenance personnel and they keep on trying to do more with less. How is UW going to address the upkeep and maintenance needs of this additional building?

We assume that this is already a “done deal” but it reflects serious mismanagement and misapplication of federal COVID-19 funding by Governor Gordon and the university. We hope that future allocations will be to those really in need and not for property acquisitions by UW or any other entity or for other non-COVID-19 activities.

Marius and Sue Favret


The cause of the attack

It is my opinion that the gross attacks on Washington’s capital on the day of Electoral College vote certification were due in large part to the fact that President Trump and several U.S. senators had yet to concede the election.

Recently-elected Sen. Lummis was part of a group of seditious seven senators who voted for Congress to audit the 2020 presidential elections for reasons related to election integrity in general, and in Pennsylvania specifically. Philadelphia is 1,800 miles away from Cheyenne. How does she know anything about the integrity of elections in Pennsylvania?

The attack on the capital was an attack on the very democracy that holds together the Republic. Lummis has demonstrated that she is part of the same extreme right wing group that would tear down rather than uphold this democratic United States. We the people of Wyoming should be asking for her resignation for not upholding the very office to which she was democratically elected.

Joseph Schroer


You’ve been played

It should now be obvious to all but the most hardheaded that neither Trump nor any of the Republicans ever cared for their supporters. They have been scammed, used, and fleeced, and they deserve what they have coming to them.

Those of you who supported Trump and any Republicans, even despite their continued lack of support for you or your interests, will soon face the full legal repercussions of your ignorance and misplaced trust.

There will be Truth and Reconciliation commissions in the near future, traitors and terrorists and those who supported the actions on Jan. 6 will be stripped of their property, their freedom, and ultimately their lives, as it should be.

No one has any right to oppose their government, legitimately elected, by the overwhelming majority of people who represent the future of America: The Democratic Party and those who fight for social justice and the promotion of equality.

You have no other choice. You may think you do, but if you want to continue to be allowed to work and pay your dues to our government, put what foods you are allowed in your belly, have access to medical care, and allow your children to attend public schools so they can learn the real truth of American history and all of the bloodshed, White supremacy, and blatant racism it was built upon, then you absolutely must repent your wicked opposition and support Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and all of the members of our legitimately constituted government.

Even the Republicans you have elected here, (Cheney, Barasso, and Lummis) all of whom will be easily re-elected, support swift and harsh justice to those domestic white supremacist terrorists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. You must learn better to obey your government, obey those who have been legitimately elected to hold power over your life, and cease your senseless desire for any changes to the system which would inhibit the monumental progress that needs to be made to remake America as it should be under Democratic control with Republicans only assisting when permitted.

James Johnson


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