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As we are all enjoying the joy and excitement of the holiday season (albeit a bit different this year), our local restaurants, bars, eateries, and coffee shops could use some extra support. So many of these local businesses support fundraisers and invest in community events that provide vibrancy for our town, so let’s give back with these five impactful ways to support our mom and pop restaurants and bars.

Safely dine in

Indoor dining is still available at many local restaurants and the current health guidelines are in place to keep you safe. Enjoy a meal at your favorite local eatery or check out a restaurant you haven’t before. Find everything you need in the Foodie Tour from Visit Laramie to pick out a new place to try.

Get curbside pick up or delivery

The holidays are stressful. Let local restaurants do the cooking for you. Grab a meal for the whole family curbside or delivery. Eat it at home, or enjoy it in your vehicle as you tour Laramie Lights!

Grab your food from one of these businesses and head out to view the lights at

Celebrate the holidays with local restaurants

The holidays look a little different this year, but local restaurants can help make them a bit more special. Here are a few ideas to liven up your holiday celebrations:

Virtual Holiday Parties. Need a new way to host a holiday party? Give gift cards to each guest for a meal at a local restaurant then ask everyone to pick up their meal and meet online to celebrate together!

Holiday gifts. Get a gift card to local restaurants as a present to friends, family, employees, or anyone that needs a treat! It’s an easy and quick way to grab a gift!

Surprise treats. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise!? Pick up a coffee, appetizer, dessert, or meal from a local restaurant and deliver to someone who could use a little extra cheer!

Donate a restaurant gift card to United Way of Albany County. You can support two initiatives at once by purchasing a gift card from a local restaurant and donating it to United Way who will distribute the gift cards to local families in need.

Laramie Main Street has put together a gift card guide for downtown business including restaurants here:

Once purchased, slip gift cards under the United Way office door in the Laramie Plains Civic Center, Suite 240, or mail your gift cards to United Way, 710 E Garfield St. Suite #240, Laramie WY 82070.

Leave good tips

A 20% (or more) tip to restaurants and service workers for dine in, take out, and delivery! Tipping well can help offset the lost revenue for both restaurants and their employees. You can also leave servers, bartenders, and baristas a tip virtually with the Virtual Tip Jar:

Jennifer Power is the communication coordinator for Laramie Main Street.

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Brett Glass

Epidemiologists have concluded that there's no way to "safely dine in." In fact, studies in South Korea and China have demonstrated that diners can be infected from as far as across a room (20 or more feet away) in minutes by an unmasked, infected fellow diner. So, do support your local restaurants by taking out food and tipping generously. Do pick the food up yourself, so that delivery services don't take the restaurants' profits. And wear a mask when you do the pickup. But don't endanger your own health, or the public's health, by eating out. At the peak of the pandemic we must be responsible and protect not only ourselves but also others.

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