It is amazing how stressful times often bring out the best in people.

The ongoing fight against the COVID-19 virus has certainly shown us what many of our friends and neighbors are really made of.

We can’t say enough about all of the people who are putting themselves on the line by continuing to work and provide necessary services. Certainly that includes first responders and health care workers at all levels who have kept taking care of crises as well as routine needs.

But our society is so interdependent on many services that our gratitude must extend way past those heroic folks. The list would include grocery store and restaurant workers, those who work as volunteers and employees for nonprofit agencies, day care workers, truckers, gas station attendants, postal and delivery workers and many, many more.

Thanks to all who are putting themselves on the line to keep our society a going concern. And we really must mention the journalists and other communications people who are dedicated to bringing us the information that is so vital.

There are many others who we are grateful for in this challenging time. Certainly we appreciate everyone who is taking precautions to stop the spread of this pandemic. That certainly includes those who wear face coverings, whether for their own protection, to protect others or as a matter of courtesy to workers in stores and other workplaces.

We are also grateful for those who take extra steps to practice social distancing and to follow the rules about public gatherings and events. We believe those folks are part of an overwhelming majority that it will take to fight this disease.

Along the same line, we are grateful that wearing or not wearing a face covering has not become a political statement or a cause for confrontation in Laramie. You just don’t see or hear of people commenting or criticizing the behaviors of others. People in Laramie tend to take a live-and-let-live attitude rather than make it an issue.

We are also very grateful for the many local people putting themselves on the line as candidates for political offices. It appears that voters will have some real choices in races for Laramie City Council, Albany County Commissioner and the state Legislature. As we have mentioned before, this will be a particularly difficult election to campaign for and we applaud each and every candidate for accepting that challenge.

We are encouraged that the Albany County Public Library and the League of Women Voters are working to provide candidate forums online to help with voter education. Those sorts of events and newspaper coverage are so much more valuable than the name familiarity provided by campaign signs.

Lastly, after our June snowfall, the city of Laramie did a wonderful job by opening multiple locations where residents could bring limbs and debris. They also extended open times at the landfill to deal with the cleanup. The city’s response was quick, professional and effective.

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