Kerry Drake

Kerry Drake

Wyoming Columnist

If you follow the Wyoming Legislature, you’ve probably seen bills introduced that opponents derisively call “solutions in search of problems.”

A few state solons who pre-filed House Bill 28 more than a month before this year’s budget session have added a new wrinkle. They’ve come up with what I call the “a kneecapping of a solution no one wants to use anyway” bill.

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I lived in Maryland from 1980 to 2011 and the gun buy back programs in Baltimore never did a thing to curtail the violence. In fact I've watched local news there celebrating with local authorities gloating over a table or firearms that they collected. Such dangerous arms such as flair guns, top break revolvers from around 1900, and a Marlin rifle complete with a scope! Only arms turned in by a few law abiding citizens were turned in who wanted $50. People fall for these programs when emotions are high and I feel with all the misinformation out there that laws like this could stop this madness before it starts. I love Wyoming and I wouldn't change a thing but I know this threat and it is insidious.

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