Greg Hunter (D)

Greg Hunter (D)

I was at a 2018 Energy Conference in Cheyenne when the head of Regulatory Affairs delivered an update on the Millennium Bulk Terminal (MBT) Plant. This is the proposed Washington State terminal that will be used to load Wyoming Coal for shipment to Asian markets. I was flabbergasted when I thought I heard Wendy Hutchinson say that that Gov. Jay Inslee denied a permit for construction plant based on the Clean Water Act (CWA). I’ve been working with environmental regulations for 30+ years and quickly surmised the disparity between the bill’s intent and its’ use in Washington’s decision.

I approached Wendy to discuss the denial as I felt Washington’s actions would be used to justify weakening the CWA, which was already under attack by the Trump Administration. As we discussed the issue, the conversation turned to our separate paths into Wyoming: and then Wendy provided another shock, she had graduated in 1982, a year later than me, from the same high school in Kettering, Ohio.

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