Laramie residents driving down Grand Avenue recently might have noticed what looks like a new floral store setting up shop at the Fifth Street intersection. The store is actually a Laramie staple that has a new location and a new name.

Formally called Fresh Flower Fantasy, owner Terri Colling changed the name to The Wild Rose while at the old location at 2710 Grand Ave. She moved the shop in June to 502 Grand Ave.

“I wanted something that depicted our area and just the flower business itself … thus the name The Wild Rose,” she said. “The most popular and most recognized flower is the rose. Also, my mother, my aunt, my daughter and my granddaughter all have the middle name of Rose, so it’s kind of a win all the way around for the flower business.”

With the owners of the old Grand Avenue location planning a renovation of the building, Colling said she started looking for a new spot.

“I wanted to stay on Grand because of the visibility,” she said. “I really wanted something that had a nice big front window, which this qualifies for very well. Drive-by traffic is quite good in this area as well. I didn’t necessarily want something right downtown, because there’s already two flower shops downtown … so this kind of fit the picture all the way around.”

The new building is twice the size of the old shop, which will allow Colling to offer more products and services, she said. Along with floral arraignments, the shop looks to incorporate more wedding-related items, house plants in decorative containers, etched glassware, iron sunflowers, tire teacups and other products made by local residents. Colling mentioned the shop looks to grow as it offers more services.

“We have five employees,” she said. “We will expand once we get more things going. Summer is kind of a slower time for flower shops, other than weddings. But once school starts and it gets busier … we will expand as we go.”

Colling said they are community conscious, and points to donating fundraiser items to the Laramie Soup Kitchen, United Way, Heart to Heart Pregnancy Center and other local nonprofits. The shop is also working closely with local businesses to bring in fresh plants and flowers on a weekly basis or maintain outdoor arrangements.

“ANB Bank has some big outdoor planters that we take care of,” she said. “We try and really work with the general public and the businesses to make people feel like they can have fresh flowers and plants but they don’t have to do the maintenance.”

Colling said she has owned the flower shop for five years. Before that, she and her husband owned the Snowy Range Ski & Recreation Area for about 28 years.

“We have a lot of roots here,” she said. “We enjoy being a part of Laramie.”

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