RAWLINS – Over the past two weeks, a combined total of nearly 1,200 inmates, staff and contract workers among two major Wyoming corrections facilities have been mandatorily tested for the presence of novel coronavirus, the DOC reported in a Monday press release.

This includes Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins, which has so far tested 876 people. Meanwhile, the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton has tested 311 people, with no confirmed positive cases.

Results for WSP, however, weren’t as great. As of Monday, the WDOC reports, the Rawlins prison has 15 inmates officially confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. In addition, two WSP staffers as well as seven healthcare contract workers were also confirmed to have the virus.

Mitigation efforts to try and thwart the spread of the disease continue, the DOC said in the release.

“WDOC is closely following the most up to date guidelines from the Wyoming Department of Health and Center for Disease Control, which includes isolating positive inmates, quarantining positive staff away from the workplace, and plans are underway to conduct facility wastewater sampling in an effort to minimize risk,” the release reads.

The WDOC also said once testing is completed at all WDOC facilities and offices, random testing on 20% of the staff and inmate population will be conducted on a continuous basis and will be adjusted as necessary.

As another precaution, all new inmates coming into any WDOC facility are quarantined for 14 days upon arrival. They are tested twice during that period.

The Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington has also begun to test inmates and staff for novel coronavirus. Results, however, weren’t available as of press time.

As of Monday, there were 605 active novel coronavirus cases across the state, with 25 COVID-19-related deaths, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. There are currently 34 active local cases and two active non-local cases in Carbon County, the local health office reports.

“There are 2,392 resulted COVID-19 tests from Carbon County and 71,866 resulted tests statewide,” Jacquelin Wells, health office spokesperson, reported in a Monday press release. “Carbon County Public Health has investigated 314 COVID-19 like illness cases, 244 of those have recovered. We have had six positive non- local residents with COVID-19. 4 of which have recovered. One of which has passed away.”

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