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Parks and Recreation 29th Annual Youth Basketball Tournament

Attention Rec Center patrons! Please be prepared for increased traffic for the tournament, April 5-7.

Experienced Basketball Referees Needed

The Youth Basketball Tourney for players in grades 4-8 needs referees. Refs need to be available from April 5-7. Pay is $20 per game. Contact Laura at 721-529- or for more information or apply at

Little Kickers Soccer

Ages 3-6 years. Tuesdays and Thursdays May 28-July 13, 2019. Laramie Athletic Field (lower) at Old Deti Stadium. Registration deadline: May 20, 2019. $5 early registration discount by April 30!


Ask about our $10 Trial Membership for new members. Existing members can inquire about a $10 gift card or a $10 personal training session.

Spring Break

Spring Break is from March 18-22. The Leisure Pool will be open from 5:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Admission is free with a membership or purchase of a day pass. There is a $10 introductory family membership until March 31. Notice: SACC will be closed for Spring Break. Call 721-5269 or go to

We’re hiring personal trainers and fitness instructors

Help others achieve their fitness goals! Equal opportunity Employer. Apply at

$10 Gift for You!

Recreation Center members: Ask at the Rec Center Front Desk how you can receive you $10 personal training session on a date of you choice or a $10 gift certificate. Expires March 31.

Lifeguard Training

Have your cake and eat it too! Take this training and then apply to be a lifeguard at The Rec Center! Training is from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. March 18-22 at the recreation center. Ages 15 and up. American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certification including CPR/AED, water park and emergency oxygen administration. Certification good for 2 years. Student must possess swimming proficiency and strength.

Co-Ed Softball League

Grab a couple of friends and come on out to play ball! Sign up today for an early registration discount. Ages 16 and up. Aragon Softball Complex. Early registration discount available until March 31. Go to or call 721-5269.

Parks, Tree & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting

The Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board Regular meeting will be held on March 27, 2018 at the Recreation Center Front Conference Room at 6:30pm. The meetings’ location is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available. Requests for special accommodations or interpretive services must be made 24 hours prior to this meeting. Please contact Inez at 721-3572 for more information.

Community Forest News

What are good broadleaf trees to plant along Laramie’s streets and in yards? Let’s start with what trees are growing naturally nearby. Laramie Valley native broadleaf trees include Plains cottonwood (a subspecies of eastern cottonwood), narrowleaf cottonwood, several hybrids of cottonwood and poplar, and several species of willow, all found naturally around streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.

In 2015, there were 3,450 street trees in the older, central part of Laramie assessed for health, safety and size. Several tree species in the Willow family were predominately identified: 44% Plains cottonwood, lanceleaf cottonwood, and other hybrid poplar trees, 6% aspen, 5% silver or white poplar, and 4% willow, representing 59% of all the 3,450 street trees assessed. The number of aspen, cottonwood, poplar, and willow trees on private property is unknown. Most of Laramie’s representatives of the Willow family trees, can reach a large size quickly, except aspen which grows fast but not as large. Fast growth typically equates to weaker wood. Weaker wood is less dense and succumbs to decay easily, decreasing the strength of the wood. Willow family tree species are prone to limb, trunk and root failure as they age, primarily due to decay. The roots of large trees also require ample ground area to grow. Due to unfavorable characteristics, growth habits, and the large number of cottonwoods, hybrid poplar trees, white poplar and willow trees currently present, planting more of these larger trees, at this time, is not recommended along Laramie’s city streets.

What are the best native trees for planting along city streets? Narrowleaf cottonwood, native to the area and a smaller cottonwood species than the commonly seen large cottonwoods and poplar trees around town. Narrowleaf cottonwood trees require less ground area to grow. However, they produce a large number of root suckers along the tree’s root system, as does the aspen tree, another smaller relative of the large cottonwoods. The groves of aspen trees seen in the forests often come from the same root system. Aspen trees in town may have a life expectancy of 20 to 40 years. Narrowleaf cottonwood trees may live a little longer. Both the aspen and narrowleaf are appropriate for planting within the right-of-way, but frequent maintenance from the adjacent property owner can be expected.

Good street tree species of larger broadleaf trees, not native to the area around Laramie, but native in adjacent states include: honeylocust, hackberry, bur oak, Sensation boxelder, American linden, and several varieties of American elm that have shown resistance to Dutch elm disease and European elm scale. Other large broadleaf trees that are not native to North America or are native to North America, but farther away from Wyoming include: weeping birch, Swedish aspen, mountainash and Kentucky coffeetree.

There are many smaller ornamental trees that grow in Laramie, which will be presented in a future article.

If you have any questions concerning trees on your property or in the right-of-way adjacent to your property contact Randy Overstreet, City Arborist, by e-mail or phone 721-5338.

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