‘North of 1,700’ freshman head to UW campus

University of Wyoming spokesman Chad Baldwin said Friday the school is expecting “north of 1,700” freshman to attend classes this fall.

In July, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Kyle Moore predicted the number would be 1,750, a 3 percent increase over fall 2017.

Getting a firm number on a freshman class size is difficult until classes are in full swing. Some students who enroll never show up.

In August 2017, UW estimated the class starting that fall could include 1,750 students. But when the official numbers came in on the 15th day of classes, the freshman class was only 1,696.

However, with back-to-back years of strong enrollment numbers, the university is facing capacity issues in its dormitories.

Eric Webb, director of residence life and dining, said at a Thursday legislative meeting resident advisors will now need to be given roommates.

The university is also converting some large common rooms into dorm rooms housing four students each. The space issue is somewhat self-inflicted after UW opted to take Crane Hall and Hill Hall “offline” in 2017.

Those buildings are no longer being used and are expected to be demolished once the Wyoming Legislature forms a plan to construct new dorms.

Some new students have been trickling in throughout the course of this week, but the official move-in day starts at 7 a.m., when the dorms are open to all students.

Traffic on Grand Avenue near 15th Street is likely to be slowed today as families head north on 15th Street toward move-in day’s “main entrance” on Ivinson Street.

During the next few days, a horde of students will wheel carts and dollies of their belongings through parking lots and attend meetings and other events before classes start Wednesday. The university’s Greek Life will host the Cowboy Carnival on Monday night, and freshmen are expected to attend their convocation Tuesday, when they will be addressed by President Laurie Nichols.

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"The space issue is somewhat self-inflicted" Somewhat?? How about completely!


All they need to do is open up Hill and Crane, however, they'll continue to harp on this "problem" until the fools in the legislature give them even more $ they'll throw away...

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